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Very Good

Not much has improved since #4

posted by HardBoiled (TARZANA, CA) Mar 15, 2009

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Before I get into detail why I did not give this game a 9 or 10, let me just set the record on the graphics and sound. Really, this game is a prime example of what these next-gen systems can do. Truly outstanding art design, followed by an eerie soundtrack, and some of the most amazing shoot outs any adventure game can have. However, beneath all the glitz and glamor, this series still suffers from horrible controls that sometimes border on the frustrating. The over the shoulder camera is ok and you can adjust to see all around you. But the "tank" like control scheme that the series is famous for is not ideal for a game this action heavy. When you have enemies swarming from all sides, you need to be able to move better. It would have helped if we can get some kind of heads up as to where the zombies are. Many a times, I found myself backing up into enemies to be able to get enough shots in to the ones in front. And also the ability to not move when shooting seriously adds to the frustration level when you have a maniac running at you full speed with a chainsaw! Furthermore, a game that is so action heavy should not be hampered by lack of ammo. Some of the times I found myself needlessly running around searching for ammo or taking it from my partner. Yes, in this game you have a constant companion who helps solve the occasional puzzle and joins in the zombie killing fun. Your partner has her own inventory system that you can manage and tap into should you need something. If your online, you can have someone join your game and play in co-op mode, which I thought was way cool. The inventory system is almost identical to #4 and the same goes for how you purchase and upgrade weapons. Some great boss encounters and some genuinely scary moments make this Resident Evil worth the investment if your a fan as there is much to discover and worth playing through a few more times. Those new to the series best rent it first. Overall, a great game with some minor control issues.

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Very Nice, High replay value.

posted by Lee117 (NEW BERN, NC) Jun 13, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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When i played the demo of Resident evil 5 I thought, this game is way to scary and hard...i'll never get it. I had played Resident evil 4, and beat it so i had some experience in the series. Well for some reason i was in gamestop and i was about the buy little big planet when instead i got RE5, I sure am glad because while yes, it was hard (though in my opinion not as scary as 4) i beat it, and now i keep playing it over and over again. I recently bought the Versus mode and the mercanaries reunion off the playstation store. I dont think either is much to talk about because while battling other players its a grenade fest, so i would advise going against the GOLD Edition, but back to the replay value, you get diffirent guns and infiniti ammo for completly upgrading a weapon. Some new stuff is guns that i can recognize like AK-47, MP5, Dragunov Sniper, Desert Eagle, and something that looks like a M16, so in my opinion i would rent the game and see if it fits you, and buy it if you like it :) Plus the CO-OP is amazing (which is probably why its not as frightning, knowing you have a partner you can sometimes rely on)

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GF Rating


a dang good game

posted by Shonuff (ROCKY MOUNT, NC) Mar 13, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

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Many say it just resident evil 4 with newer graphics. that is true but last i heard that was the best game of 2005, the game is a mix breed adding survival horror with an shooter, to compare to any other shooter would be wrong because there is more to do the run kill run (gears much anyone).I remember old resident evil games and wanted more action and they have delivered. the controls aren't hard to get use to. not being able to run while shooting adds to the tension and adds a little strategy to the mix. If your a fan of R.E its a must if your mad its not an great action game remember its not, if want that then there always FIFTY blood on the sand

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