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The other way

posted by sh1zz4m (TERRELL, TX) Jun 14, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

7 out of 16 gamers (44%) found this review helpful

Short and sweet, it is a completely different game, if you loved running around doing side quests and blowing things to kingdom come then you should just go relive the first one because none of it is here. You just run around underground killing bugs and sure you can knock down the underground buildings, but is a small metal tool shed really gonna scratch the itch?

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posted by blooby4 (OCEANSIDE, CA) Jun 7, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

10 out of 24 gamers (42%) found this review helpful

If you are planning to get this game because you like destroying stuff and remember how awsome the Red Faction Guerilla was? THEN DONT GET THIS GAME!!!!!! Volition completely jacked up this game! This game is 100% in the opposite direction of Red Faction Guerilla

First things first, NO FREE ROAM!!!! ya i know really stupid idea.

Second: No multiplayer like in Guerilla. the only online gameplay there is is a mode called infestation, its like the Zombies from COD (not in the good way) but with aliens waves instead of Zombies and its really boring.

Third: There are no more trucks that you can drive the only thing you can control is a flying machine and a few robot battle suits which are very limiting.

Fourth: your underground. this is bad because that means no really tall buildings to make tip over. (I really dont like this because i cant ram and vehicles into a big building and make it tip over and crush tons of civilians)

So over all i do not recommend getting this game. The last Red Faction was super awsome but this one is 100% screwed up. I watched a video on youtube about this game that said "we learned from the last Red Faction that all the players want to do is destroy!" what i have to say to that is, Why did you put us underground with no tools of mass destruction in tiny caves where we will be confined to these tiny areas fighting monsters that blow up on us! Last of all i have one last thing to say, if you like the dead space series? this is your cheap nock-off brand of dead space that failed. The game still has some fun parts but over all i could have lived without it.

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Great game but with a few very big flaws

posted by hazefan08 (SLIDELL, LA) Jun 9, 2011

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3 out of 7 gamers (43%) found this review helpful

I loved the first Red Faction, and I was expecting better from Armageddon. The good things about RFA is that the graphics are good, nice interesting storyline to it, and cooler weapons. The bad things about this game is what gives it a 6. To me, these were massive downfalls. First of all, the campaign is nowhere near free roam to where I'm at. In RFG, you didnt have to do a mission right away, you could just go mess around and blow stuff up. Secondly, there is no just regular multiplayer to just go and shoot people and get points. Finally, there is a ruin mode where you just straight up destroy stuff, but you have to get points and you have to pay for it if you got this game from GF. It's really that great of a game compared to RFG, but it's only ok. Voltion really messed up big time. Think that they may have been underbudget.

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