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This is NOT Red Faction Guerrilla 2

posted by Troilus (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Jun 30, 2011

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If you loved Red Faction Guerrilla, and were expecting more of the same but better you will be sadly disappointed.

Armageddon is essentially a first person shooter, but from 3rd person perspective. The game is much more theatrical than guerrilla. You follow a set path through the game, spruced up every so often with cinematic videos. The game is also about half vehicular combat, which are quite fun and well done.

Armageddon will average maybe about 4-6 hours gameplay. I would compare this to Force Unleashed 2, very cinematic and high quality graphical levels at the expense of content. The open world is gone, and so is the fun in destroying buildings methodically. The destructible buildings and nanoforge tech has been turned into a gimmick for a FPS, much like affecting time was for Singularity.

I imagine the deterioration of this game was due to SyFy's influence as they like to ruin everything successful they have. As you play the game you can imagine saying, mass effect was good so lets make this an over the shoulder shooter... crysis was good so lets give them crysis looking suits... THQ threw out the originality and greatness of guerrilla to try and make a game more conforming to popular shooters.

The game is worth a play through, but it is severely lacking in quality to Red Faction Guerrilla.

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Good...But Not Much Replay Value

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jun 13, 2011

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4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

As has been explained this game has a linear story versus the open world layout of Red Faction: Guerilla. It is a very competent 3rd person shooter, but does get somewhat repetitive. The controls are pretty tight though and all things said I'd recommend a rent (not a buy because little replay value).

Speaking of replay value it really depends what you like. They don't have competitive multiplayer, but there is infestation mode (co-op for 1-4 people facing waves of enemies) and ruin mode (destroy stuff to rack of score within a time limit). Ruin mode can only be played as a "demo" without a code that comes with a purchased game.

1) graphics are pretty good
2) the weapons are inventive and have a weight and sound quality to them (satisfying gun play basically)
3) I actually preferred the linear story versus the open world

1) little buggy (particularly voice clipping) & few graphical hiccups
2) little repetitive
3) no competitve multiplayer which is where I spend most my shooter time (co-op versus waves of AI could be fun with friends though)

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Ain't no Guerilla's in the Armageddon.

posted by SteveThe1ne (HOPE MILLS, NC) Jun 16, 2011

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Fun, is a great synonym to video games. The Red Faction franchise has definitely shown us that destruction can as fun as random killing. Armageddon takes a new approach for the series in a linear way, but keeps all the destruction elements that made its predecessor unique. Unfortunately, a mediocre story and a lack of online features the previous title had hold this game back from contending with some other Triple-A games that are due out this year.

For my full review, check it out at GamersGameplay.

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