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Above Average

Red Faction not quite Armageddon

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Jun 8, 2011

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THQ's latest entry into its Red Faction franchise, "Armageddon", looked more promising in previews than it turned out in the final product. The previous game, "Guerilla", wasn't without its flaws but it was a lot of fun, had a likeable protagonist, a decent villian, and a fair amount of gameplay. It was a joy to run around Mars engaging in all kinds of sabotage and demolition, as the series with its Geo-mod technology did destruction well. This new game, not so much. There's still things to be destroyed, but as the action moves underground there seem to be less destructible envirronments. Movement is a little clumsy, and the snap aim isn't always helpful, as enemies tend to swarm over you. And the enemies tend to be bullet sponges, which isn't helpful either. And things get repetitive quickly- move forward to an enemy, fight swarms of alien bugs, do something to help you advance, and fight some more. Combat tends to get frustrating rather than be fun, and you rarely have enough quiet moments to do some salvaging, which you'll need plenty of salvage if you want to upgrade anything. Cut scenes are done well and the voice acting is decent, but the story (which wasn't exactly deep in the last game) is pretty thin. There's multiplayer for those who like that sort of thing, though if you rent you won't have access to the Ruin mode. Overall, this was a bit of a disappointment for me, and I felt this was a step backwards in the series. I'd recommend renting this first before you buy. If you don't have it already and you absolutely must buy a Red Faction game, I'd suggest RF: Guerilla, it's fairly cheap and a lot more fun. Still, if you have the space in your queue, you may want to give this a rent at least. With any luck you'll enjoy it more.

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Very Fun

posted by Robscott21 (WILMINGTON, NC) Jun 11, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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This game to me was very fun. A step back though for me because I love open world games and this took that away. Fun none the less it actually reminded me of ratchet and clank with the constant upgrade stations and salvage. The online was sick too you can use the salvage you gain online in single player giving you an advantage. I beat the campaign on insane the first go through it was not hard at all then I did a speed run with the napalm cheat weapon took about 4 hours to re beat it. I would suggest this game though because it was an easy platinum trophy and it was actually fun.

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Very Good

A Faction for Classic Faction Fans.

posted by Epyonblaze666 (ACWORTH, GA) Jun 11, 2011

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People really need to stop comparing Armageddon to gorilla. This was not meant to be free roam, and if you had read anything about the game before getting it, you would have known this. Red faction decided to go back to their roots as a linear shooter for this story. The first mistake many of you made was thinking that gorilla was the first game, when in fact, Gorilla is the odd one out. The weapons in this game are great, and experimenting with them alone was fun; but testing them on the opposition, and destructive environments made it even better. The graphics are reminiscent of Gorilla, and while they have improved, graphics still could have had better compared to some games out now. The story is not award winning, but it will give you some laughs, and the Red Faction lore is all there. It Wont make the game for you, but you can tell they had put effort into making it. You get to control a few different vehicles with serious destructive force, so the game paces itself well giving you different ways to kill and destroy. If you like team elements online, then the online mode is perfect for you. Think horde mode, but with aliens, and destructive environments. When getting this game you cant think your buying a sequel to Red Faction Gorilla, instead remember Gorilla was a one time spin in a different direction, and this is a game that takes the story and destructive environments from gorilla, and places it with the lore and game play from the first 2 Red Faction games. So if your a fan of red factions previous tales, and enjoy a good science fiction game with destructible environments, and futuristic gun play, then you will enjoy the next entry in this long running series.

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