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Very Good

Pretty good, but not quite great

posted by marmarmar (LAGUNA HILLS, CA) Oct 20, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

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Ratchet and Clank has been one of my favorite series for about 10 years. This one isn't on the same level as the first 3 and the 2 full length ps3 ones, however it is not as bad as deadlocked or size matters.

Gameplay: It's good, but it could and should be better. The cameras are fixed and this can be annoying. I'm used to the right analog stick to adjust the camera but instead this is how you change weapons.
Since you fight alongside clank you can't hover, which just feels weird in a Ratchet and Clank game. The AI in the single player is alright, however it can be frustrating. Clank (who plays side by side with you) can get stuck or not fulfil his task needed for the puzzle. This game is also completely linear (though you can choose what level and chapter you want to play).

Graphics- Eh, the cut scenes look pretty great, and some parts of the game do too but overall I wasn't too impressed. They were also very cartoony, which all R and C games are, but this one especially. I think the Future Ratchet games looked a little better.

Weapons- Unfortunately nothing too special, but nothing bad either. There was nothing too new here. Just different versions of weapons we've already seen. They also all have only 3 power ups so they are very attainable. I was a little disappointed with the RYNO as well, it was pretty much handed to you.

Replay value, I personally feel like this doesn't have much replay value, especially single player. Since gamefly doesn't provide an online code, and the playstation store has not released it I haven't tried online.

The game was still fun. Despite the cons of the game it is entertaining, and if you like other Ratchet games you'll find some good parts in this one. Single player on normal mode, exploring about as much as possible took me about 8 hours. It's not the best R and C game, but it's definitely not the worst.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good, But Could Have Been So Much More...

posted by KhaotiKoalition (WICHITA, KS) Mar 20, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

: : OVERVIEW : : : : : :
I've been a huge fan of R & C since the beginning, and is one of the most-loved series I've ever played. I was a bit itchy about Ratchet & Clank becoming a party game, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. Let's break it down...

: : PROS : : : : : :
- Great graphics, things carry the cartoonish-feel of the series but still look nice and smoothe
- Hilarious lines and quirky moments that make the series awesome lol
- Unique weapons staple of the series
- Jetpack and downhill sequences are pretty fun

: : CONS : : : : : :
- Some of the gameplay feels repetitive after a while
- Not NEARLY enough grind-rail sessions lol
- Character dialogue is annoyingly heavy with advocating teamwork
- If you switch characters mid-game, you start over with no EXP or money, which makes later stages in the game impossible
- Teamwork mechanic is aggravating when you're stuck with a dumb teammate
- No armor or nanotech upgrades, same health the whole game

: : FINAL WORD : : : : : :
I love Ratchet & Clank, and I still will, but I felt like this game kinda dropped the ball. I'm a big fan of cooperative gameplay, but you should do it via splitscreen or online, not mushing four people into the same screen - it just doesn't work well here (vs a game like Champions of Norath where it does).

This game could've been a great title if it was done outside of the party-based format, but I guess we'll have to wait to see if the next game learns to do it better or stay away entirely (the better option in my opinion)

Disappointing, but not damning. I'd call it a 'RENT'.

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GF Rating


All 4 not, not fun that is

posted by CrisPBacon (CARSON CITY, NV) Feb 14, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

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There's two major differences between All 4 One and every other Ratchet and Clank game ever made. 1) All 4 one features 4-person coop. 2) All the other Ratchet and Clank games are fun

I would recommend playing all the other Ratchet and Clank games (especially <rack in Time), but not this one. Not to sound cliche, but this game didn't deserve to be called Ratchet and Clank. The shooting isn't fun, the weapons are boring, the enemies are too few, and the puzzles are effortless. Honestly, the whole game felt like it should have been a PSN download. I hope Insomniac get's their act together and gives us a R&C that we actually want.

Aside from being generally bad, two major issues I had with the game include the auto-save function and the auto-camera adjustments. It's impossible to know when your game is actually being saved. I thought it saved during each cinematic, and after defeating bosses, but it didn't and I still had to play sections of the game and defeat bosses more than once. Just because the auto-save icon appears doesn't mean your game is really being saved. The auto-camera is also annoying. I found myself practically yelling "just pick an angle already!" The auto adjustments were too many and too slow to keep up with the already slow pace of the game. Camera shifting during parts of the game also led to some cheep deaths from falling off ledges that were clipped by the angle.

Although I didn't play 4 player coop, the game board looked much too narrow to support 4 players. Playing with 4 people seems like it would be near impossible. I was having difficulty tracking my character with only 2 people playing.

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