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GF Rating


Let Down

posted by Anonymous1255 (CLERMONT, FL) Oct 10, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

Apparently long development times and over hyping do not make a great game. (i.e. Duke Nukem) This is another such example using this tactic for promotion and sales. It's basically Fallout-Lite with Mad Max car battles set in yet another bland post-apocalyptic world. A world that might look nicer if it wasn't for severe texture loading issues that are probably the most annoying aspect of the game. The story is incredibly dull and the missions are all generic objectives we've seen countless times before. The characters are generic and unrelatable. The shooting game play is sort of fun and different in terms of a seemingly more intelligent and realistic AI, but the games boring pace and story put me to sleep and I couldn't justify slogging through another mediocre at best, over hyped title. ID should have stayed true to their FPS roots and not included Bethesda's forced and worn out RPG elements. 5/10

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GF Rating


ending makes the game seem incomplete. 8.5

posted by KeenanR (PENSACOLA, FL) Oct 10, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

i rounded up to 9 but i think it deserves an 8.5-8.7 because the ending was kind of a let down and makes the game seem incomplete. i was expecting a knock down, drag out boss battle with some huge mutant or robot from the conversations i was overhearing while walkin around town in the game. u dont even see the main villain. i understand that they want to set it up for the next game but this isnt the way to do it and i'd really hate to wait 5 yrs for it to come out.

i really liked the game other than that. the game looks awesome and animation is smooth. the gameplay is great, some enemies come at u pretty fast and it will take some getting used to. constructed items are pretty cool like the sentry bot and turret, some arent like the rc car, i think black ops did it better. the thing was slow, delicate and hard to maneuver which was shocking compared to the great handling of your vehicles.

almost everyone compares it to borderlands and i gotta admit they are similar but different. there isn't a whole lot of wandering around killing wild animals to level up. its not an rpg like borderlands. borderlands is humorous and silly at times, rage is more serious. to me its better and if it had campaign co-op it would beat borderlands hands down. but borderlands had more replayability to me.

i liked the story, but its not the greatest, but with action like this, who really cares?

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GF Rating


Just shy of a 10!

posted by Smaj13 (TAMPA, FL) Oct 9, 2011

Member since Jan 2008

When I first rated this game ( about half way through) I gave it a 10 because it had everything I expected from Bethesda when I first heard of Rage a few years back. As I go on, I will explain why I changed my rating to a 9.... but first, the good.

Rage is one of the most visually stunning games I have ever played, period. To give this game a 1, or say the graphics aren't that good, and to complain about the fraction of a second it takes to show the full resolution of the levels, is in a word, ignorant. In order to push the boundaries of a what a game can achieve visually on a certain platform, there are going to be a few drawbacks. The most visually impressive part, to me, is the facial expressions, and detail in the characters. Each main person in the story is exceptionally unique in design.

Aside from visuals, the game takes first person shooters to a whole new level. The way a character falls when shot in the leg or the detail in the brains from a head shot, are all exceptional. The guns are very unique and each has several types of ammo that add depth to the weaponry.

Now for the BAD.

This game has a decent story that grows as the game goes on. However, the part that really annoyed me, is the ending. The way the game ends is incredibly weak and leaves you thinking "Is that really the end? I feel like I was only in the middle of a mission...". If they make a Rage 2 that answers the question of why this one ended the way it did, then I will consider changing my rating back to a 10.

Also, just a side note, I found a pretty cool image of the cover of Doom in the subway city, near the bar. I think it is part of a hookah, not sure if anyone else caught this.


Visuals - 10+
Sound - 9.5
Story - 9 during game / 6 after game
Game play - 10
Re-playability - 7 (but I wasn't a fan of the driving so didn't try multiplayer, so could be bias)

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