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Good, but gets boring

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Oct 16, 2011

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Rage is more or less Borderlands without the openness, but better graphics. The gun play is solid, but the story and quests get dull and repetitive. I'd say it is a good rent, but only maybe worth a buy.

1) graphics (outside of texture load issues) are great
2) guns are solid and fun variety (ammo variety)
3) decent co-op & buggy based multiplayer

1) story and quests get boring
2) buggy multiplayer is limited replay

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GF Rating

Very Good

lowering my Rating

posted by crunchyedg (MOUNTAIN HOME, AR) Oct 19, 2011

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I originally gave this a 9 when i first starting playing because I was taken in by the eye candy. This game has amazing graphics. No Doubt! However, I have to ask, Where's the story? Unless id plans on releasing the a real story in DLC I do not recommend buying this game. Absolutely worth renting but save your money.

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Rage: What happens if you buy it and not rent 1st.

posted by Seisen (Mesa, AZ) Jun 22, 2012

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For those of you who skip through the plot points, or if your eyes gloss over at a cut scene to advance the story, this game is for you. It has almost no story to speak of. The game begins with a large object hitting the earth... then you find yourself presumably in a crashed space ship with a bunch of dead people in their pods. You venture out to find you're in a dangerous wasteland and someone tells you to go with them, it's dangerous. You do. And that's about it for story. The rest of the time, you find yourself as a carrier boy, braving all sorts of ghoulish fiends to do the jobs the 'good' people of the wastes can't, or won't, do on their own. They'll toss you a tidbit for your work and pat you on the head, but that's about it.
Now, the graphics when looking straight on are very impressive and the AI does a good job of presenting you with targets that don't just stand there and let themselves be gunned down. They will jump, leap, hide, and react as if you are trying to kill them. However, all this moving causes you to have to constantly adjust your aim; this makes the texture mapping lag a bit. Between that, and the very long load times, even though you have to spend about half an hour installing it to your HDD, it can get to be distracting and irritating after a while.
You'll often find yourself driving about, though with certain vehicles you can be launched off them should you hit a stationary object, and since the vehicles can be upgraded with all kinds of nifty things, it makes driving, and racing, a nice diversion once in a while.
The game also features crafting, which lets you build helpful items, and there are different ammo types for your limited number of weapons.
In all, if you're going to play this game, don't expect a lot of plot. Save often, and prepare for long load times. It's got a 10+ hour completion time, but my guess is you'll be bored and turn it off long before it's finished. Rent it before you think of buying it.

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