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So much left to be desired

posted by FlyMike (GOLDSBORO, NC) Oct 9, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

32 out of 49 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

First the positives: gorgeous graphics, lots of weapon and ammo combinations make for a fun shooter...for a bit.

Now the rest: If you're looking for a Fallout-esque open world you will be sadly disappointed. Yes, you can drive all over the place, but there's no real option to go off the beaten path. Really, you can only drive where the game designers want you too. Same deal with all the quests/missions/whatever. No thought required whatsoever. You shoot the bad guys and then proceed through the only open door or passable route. Rinse and repeat. Other smaller things that bothered me? You can't jump over ANYTHING, so there's no jumping over railings or anything else to surprise the baddies. Driving physics were silly, playable, but silly.

Honestly, the only reason I kept playing it was to see when it got good. Still waiting...

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GF Rating

Very Good

Short but good

posted by trueblue72 (HORN LAKE, MS) Oct 7, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

13 out of 20 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

Well first off the game was very impressive graphics wise and the story was good but done before the weapons are mostly useful( loved the crossbow with mind control bolts). some ppl are putting it down cause its not as much as a shooter as they thought well it aint cod and if you are expecting that kind of gameplay you will be dissapointed but i will say mechanics wise the shooting part works well i just wish there was more of a cover mechanic or be able to blind fire like the AI does,speaking of the AI its a bit of hit and miss it can be really solid one min and then then next its walking into your remote turrent.Driving is also solid and does take some getting used to the races are pretty easy to win for upgrades and i only came in 2nd once out of 20 races.Some ppl will not like the length i thought being 3 disc it would take 40 hours or more to finish but the multiplayer is on the 3rd disc so you get a game that i did all sidequest and played on normal and finished in 12 hours i really was hoping for more . i did not play multiplayer so i have no comment on that. this game would have been amazing it it was 40 or so hours and had even a 2 player coop. its like borderlands and fallout combined just not even close to fallouts length or borderlands fun factor.its worth a rent just way too short for me to recommend as a buy but well worth a rental.

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GF Rating


Repetive. Short. Terrible Story.

posted by Rymann (SPRINGFIELD, OH) Oct 12, 2011

Member since Apr 2006

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

The game's beautiful graphics only comes at a distance. With this game's complete lack of roaming you will never have access to these areas. There is even very little roaming in the actual instances (you will find your self trying to walk over small debris only to run into an invisible wall).

The AI is very simplistic. The human (or Authority) fighters will take cover on an object like any typical FPS. However, they lack the ability to protect themselves because you can easily shoot their heads while they're in cover.
The whole cartwheeling, jumping, and climbing AI people are talking about are activated by triggers. They are aren't actual decisions made by the AI.

The story and missions will have you wondering, "why in the heck am I doing this?" It lacks any depth nor description and it feels like your run-of-the-mill MMORPG quest sequence. Are single player games this lazy now? When I was on the last mission of the game, I did not know! The story and characters let on that this was only the beginning. Plus, there was no boss!

Fighting bandits in cars is not even near a challenge. You'll have auto-locking rockets that will blowup them up instantly when they enter your vision. The races are incredibly easy, I hardly lost one and when I did it was a simple restart to begin the next.

Did I mention this game is very easy? I had to switch to Nightmare (the hardest difficulty) because I thought I was burning through it too quickly. However, it was still easy!

You will have this game beat within 10-12 hours. It took me 15 hours because I did half of the races and most of the side jobs.

This game is just a "rent me" and nothing more. You will have fun, but will regret spending $60 on it. Also please stand up to companies trying to show off their new game engines with their newly released games. Because, the games turn out being just tech demos like this one and unreal tournament 3.


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