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GF Rating

Above Average

Just not that great.

posted by pathar (OXFORD, OH) Nov 26, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

9 out of 11 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

Here are some thoughts I am having:

First of all, it wants to be Borderlands in a Fallout setting and it doesn't do either very well.

Secondly, the game is so linear that it's painful. I'm okay with a shooter on rails, but I want some illusion of agency. When I'm running through a map and I can't go through a door until I've killed four guys, and then the door opens, can't you at least give me some idea of WHY the door chose that moment to open? Otherwise it's just "because we said so" and that takes me way out of the experience and it's annoying.

Third, and compounded with #2, the main character has no personality. No voice, a totally generic appearance that we barely ever see, and no agency. He wakes up and does what he's told with never so much as a batted eye. If you give the protagonist a backstory, you need to demonstrate a REASON for him to do things, even if it's rudimentary.

Finally, if I've got a bandit--an essentially normal human being--standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME, and I'm firing BUCKSHOT, and I MISS, there is something wrong with your game. He is DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. I am firing BUCKSHOT. DO I NEED TO DRAW YOU A PICTURE OF WHY THIS SHOULD WORK.

Blurgh. Look, the game is not entirely without joy. But they spent way too much time on those piles of bodies that look just exactly like the ones from all the old Doom games, and nowhere near enough time on the actual gameplay experience. It's disappointing.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Well it started off good...

posted by Whatshisname26 (BROOKLYN, NY) Oct 25, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

22 out of 29 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Let's get one thing straight. The gameplay is lots of fun. Enemies actually jump around instead of charging at you, the AI is pretty good, the weapons all feel heavy, you feel and see the impact of every bullet that hits the enemy. The game looks astounding. It also has ADHD. It can't seem to focus, you have shooting, kart racing, a magic the gathering type game (seriously guys, please stop putting card games in as minigames) and minigames, so many minigames. The game has a strong (if abrupt) beginning. You're rescued and are immediately told to go kill some bandits without any explanation. That's ok though, it's what I expect from Id. The ending however, is the worst offense in building up to nothing since Halo 2. You get to that final buildup moment, and then bam, roll credits. And the game really grinds to a halt in the last few missions, I almost stopped playing right before the final mission.

It's worth a playthrough, but by no means does it deserve all the praise it's getting from official review sites. Yes, it looks good. Really good. Like best graphics I've seen on my xbox good. Some of the vistas actually made me stop and go "whoa," which is a rarity. Especially subway town, the design is just super cool. The human animations are amazing (especially faces, they finally got them right). But I couldn't shake that "I feel like I'm playing borderlands with better graphics" vibe. It also feels like they ran out of money and had to chop the last act of the game out, which is really sad.

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GF Rating


not enough action...

posted by cnorris (WINCHESTER, IN) Oct 9, 2011

Member since May 2007

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

The graphics are really top notch in this game. When I first looked up at the sky it looked like a movie and not a video game. The story is really weak though and the ending is horrible. The length of the campaign was very disappointing as well. I got tired of driving everywhere after about two hours, but when the shooting did start it was really fun. The advance wingsticks were my favorite weapon and I thought the normal enemies were tougher then the bosses in this game. The game reminds me of Borderlands a lot except you don't level up and the story is a lot shorter. Great for a rental. Graphics wise it lives up to the hype, but I didn't see anything new as far as a shooter. If they make another they need to focus more on a better story and ending and extend the campaign twofold.

awesome graphics
really fun weapons and great ammo types
very smooth action when in gun fights
great enemies

very poor story and ending
way too short of a campaign (like 12 hrs.)
if you expect Fallout you will be very disappointed
needs a lot more shooting action...after all it is a "shooter" not a "driving game"

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