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GF Rating


Not for those that play this type of game a lot.

posted by shatnr (SAN MARCOS, CA) Oct 10, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

The graphics in Rage are amazing yes, but lets hope you have the hard drive spaces. Other than that i did not find much fun in this game. The story starts off with a gripping intro and then it just get very unbelievable. The shooting seems good at first put i feel like every gun is weak. The throw-able wing knife thing is really fun but does not make up enough for the rest of the combat. The driving is polished and is fun but not something that the game can stand on either. Over all this game might be worth a play through if you are very new to this type of game. But after putting days of game play into the fallout and oblivion games it's hard to play through this. There is just not very much depth.

-voice acting
-some things in combat
- Huge area with no map
- No deapth to missions
- not much freedom

I rate is a 6/10

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GF Rating


ID Shines in this mash up

posted by racoonsurvivor (HIGH RIDGE, MO) Oct 10, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2011

First I want to comment on how beautiful this game is!!!! This is ID's newest game, they decided to take all of the best parts of other games and throw them together in one super game. First you get the premise from Fallout, and instead of making it a survival sim in a post apocalyptic setting they made it a GAME!! you wake up in an "Arc"(a person holding time capsule) then get saved by John Goodman, next they start loading you up with bladed boomerangs, guns, grenades and ask you to take care of some bandits. Next Twisted metal's car combat. You load up a buggy full of guns and missiles and you take to the world with a chip on your shoulder, they even reward you for every kill, next thing you know you are in a race where the object is to win by blowing everyone out of your way! The best part of this however is the ID touch. you can carry every weapon of the game and hot key 4 of them, they each have multiple ammo types that you can cary ridiculous amounts of ammo for, and then there are consumable items. Turrets, grenades, bladed boomerangs called wing sticks, healing items, can all be carried at once and more than you could ever throw it once. In short this is one of the best games of the year... Why because it is a game, not a sim, they wanted to give you multiple ways of dealing with this wasteland and they did. If you are a fan of over the top action then this is for you, if you want someone to restrict how many weapons you hold and how much ammo, maybe pick up modern warfare in a couple weeks.

Gameplay 9/10
Graphics 10/10
sound 9/10
Story 9/10

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Can't Believe it Took 6 years to make!!

posted by NooFear (STEVENSON RANCH, CA) Oct 10, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

I can't believe it took 6 years to make it's MAX 12-15 hours long..very disappointing.
That being said lets begin with the Graphics.. which are GREAT and one of the few reasons why i played this game to the end :(. I have to compare the Graphics to Borderlands because they are very similar just much better if you like how Borderlands looked you will like the look of this game.
The Gameplay is a FPS with little RPG elements hidden within.
Now the let's get to the Story...which is very Forgettable and very short, the missions are either go there pick up item come back, go there kill everything come back or both very boring and on top of that you go back to the same places at least 2 times pretty sad for a 2 disk game(3rd disk MP). There are a few Boss battles(NO END BOSS?? what the..) with very little challenge to them, I was playing on the hardest difficulty and had ZERO Game Overs but did have to use the Defibrillator a few times which is used when you die to get back up( you can only use it once before it has to recharge, but there is an upgrade which allows for 2 charges).
The guns are not that great and best thing they have going for them is the Ammo, from mind control bolts(CrossBow) to pop-rocket Buckshot(Shotgun) to heating seeking missiles(missile launcher) its all about the ammo( the WINGSTICKS ROCK too).
The Racing/Driving in this game is sub par with only 4 vehicles to choose from, 3 you can race with and only a few different types of races (Trial,minigun,Rocket,Rally) and the different kinds of Quick items you can buy for you vehicle is very Twisted Metal inspired.
The engineering part of the game is very good even though it is limited. I would of loved to see many more creations, instead there is maybe 2 or 3 that you actually make regularly(Sentry Bot, Sentry Gun) and maybe 10 in total.
I didnt play MP..
In my opinion if it wasn't so short and had more content it would be a very good game but how everything stands it is a game you should RENT!!!!

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