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posted by deadgame (CHICO, TX) Aug 15, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Ah yes nothing like a good old bloody and gory time with mutant freaks and marines, and secret organizations! Oh and a shape shifting homicidal mad man who is a complete virus thing. Prototype puts you in the shoes of the shapeshifting B.A Alex Mercer parcial victim in the blacklight virus. Not going to give it away or anything but Prototype is definetly worth a rent. but some bad parts are the grahpics cool designs on Alex's powers but with boring and bland textures and repeditive structures such as building and people/marines but that shouldn't dull the awesome open world expirience that is Prototype!

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Very Good

Great Game For Casual Gamers

posted by ProdigyGFX (AUBURN, GA) Jun 13, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

39 out of 60 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

I've been excited about this game for well over the past 3 months. I have been keeping a heavy eye on all the rumors and everything about it and all in all. It's a great game for those who don't pick out it's flaws and just play it for what it is.

Many reviews on this game is overall very picky or doesn't cover the overall essence of what the game tries to portray. Of course I've read IGN's review but then Gamespot's as well as others and had mixed feelings about how the game will turn out. So I did what everyone else would do. Buy the game and try it yourself.

IGN's game review was right in some ways. I do agree the game could use some polish and it would have been great. But some factors, they pointed out was being way too picky in my taste.

The game's storyline is decent. I mean it's pretty much no good or bad way to complete the game. It's "Hey, someone screwed me up. Time to get revenge and kill everyone in my way". And that's what makes this game great. The fact you can actually just walk up to someone and kill them with not much consequence is a great feeling.

Story 8/10

The graphics aren't overtop or groundbreaking. I will say they are better than the Hulk game made by Radical to begin with. It's nothing that should effect the overall playthrough of the game.

Graphics 7/10

Now if you played Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Think of it but the main character is a super mutant who manipulates organic matter into many forms to get the job done. The side missions are great but of course they get a bit old after a few hours of gameplay. I was hoping a bit more variety in the overall side missions. There will be a few weird difficulty jump moments but it's something to overlook.

Gameplay 8/10

All in all, this is a game that is pleasing and satisfying and don't judge it based of other reviews but try it yourself. I believe everyone had a few high expectations for the game. But it delivered on most aspects. So I recommend this game to the casual player

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Pure Fun

posted by bluedevil9 (CHICAGO, IL) Jun 11, 2009

Member since Jul 2007

28 out of 44 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

Prototype is not subtle. It's about putting you in control of an awesomely powerful shapeshifter and throwing everything from an army of soldiers, hordes of infected monsters twice your size, tanks, and gunships at you. Usually all at once.

Prototype is fundamentally a brawler, with the open world and RPG-like upgrade elements thrown in to keep things interesting. And as such it succeeds: combat is chaotic and entertaining, and by the end you have a ridiculous number of over the top superhuman powers with which to annihilate foes. Want to kill that tank over there? Use your claws to send biomass underground, shooting up a giant 10 foot spike from below. Run up the side of a building and use your hammerfist to elbow drop it from 6 stories up. Use your whipfist to latch on to a gunship, hijack it, and rain missles. Or just walk up to it with your 8 foot long blade arm and hack it to pieces.

The utter lack of subtlety also means some more refined elements are left out. The graphics are fine but not stunning. The plot is fine, but don't expect moral dilemmas--Alex is memorable for his sheer destructive power, not as a movie character. The story is completely linear; no doing missions for multiple people. Minigames are hit-or-miss, and stealth elements are fun but feel tacked on (hey, our base commander just jumped 30 feet in the air and ran up a skyscraper, nothing to see here). The difficulty is uneven, and closer to action titles like Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry than GTA or Saint's Row.

Overall, Prototype provides a distinctive and enjoyable gameplay experience. Open world games tend to be hybrids, alternately featuring driving, shooting, exploration, etc. Prototype is different: it does a few things really well (combat), and the rest is meh. Fortunately, those few things are really, really fun.

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