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Jaded Gamer Loves the Game

posted by greenman (PATEROS, WA) Jun 28, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

45 out of 56 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

I am a jaded gamer who smokes and plays games and finds non-competetive solo games mostly boring or contrived. BUT, this game is one you will have to force yourself to put down to get some sleep. As I was playing this game last night and came to the early character upgrade "moving grab" I realized that there are so many simple great things about this game!

You can pick up and throw (or consume) almost anything in the game, but at first you have to stop near the object and press the grab button. Works great, seems fine, cool. BUT after a simple upgrade you no longer need to stop moving to grab objects. What blows my mind here is this cool ability isn't a developer choice, but instead an upgrade that makes you see what simple design choices can completely change a game!

The great upgrades that completely change the way the game is played keep coming througout and I am far from bored. Try this one, but plan on losing some sleep.

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[Prototype], a serious standout in the game market

posted by iTzland512 (POTOMAC, MD) Sep 5, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

30 out of 39 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

When I rented Prototype, I wasn't really sure what to expect. My guess involving graphics was somewhere along the lines of Gears of War 2 with more gray, and my guess involving plot was a similar "LET'S KILL SOME PEOPLE!!!!" sort of idea. How wrong I was.
This game FAR exceeded my expectations. When a game is started or loaded, the player begins in a marked spot atop a building and can proceed from there. Rather than being a linear series of missions, the player moves around a spot-on map of Manhattan filled with automobile traffic, pedestrians (many of whom are identical, but whatever), collectibles that resemble lights, challenges (called "events" in the game), and later on, hordes of zombies that seem to explode into tomato juice with the slightest tap of your Chuck Norris-like Prototype powers.
One of my favorite features was how beautifully the game flowed, or at least how the main character, Alex Mercer, did. The Sprint ability allows Alex to run up buildings, leap over cars, and plow through civilians and hordes of pedestrians/zombies effortlessly. One could prop the joystick in the forward position, hold the sprint button down, and just watch Alex run; he would continue his seemingly effortless free-running and eventually end up on the other side of Manhattan.
The plot, though some would call it sloppy, was actually quite interesting. Even more interesting was the way it unfolded: through Alex "consuming" the minds of those who had valuable information. There were 131 of these in total, and each held some missing piece of the puzzle. It was difficult finding these people though, and often times they might die in some zombie/military related freak accident. Be sure to use caution when finding them.
Aside from the storyline, one could try an event or two, where objectives include racing the clock, playing as the military, gliding well, consuming people, or just straight up killing stuff.
Overall, I recommend it A LOT. Go ahead and rent this great game.

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Epic Gameplay!

posted by Nick2012 (SAN JOSE, CA) Dec 21, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

9 out of 12 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Wow where to begin.

Free Roam - A huge map to run around on, couldn't ask for more there, and as you progress through the storyline you see that parts of the city are going from normal to utter mayhem, so theres always something to do running around the hugely expansive New York map.

Controls - Seamless, to say the least. Running up buildings gliding across a few city blocks, jumping 30 stories to the ground and smashing it sending cars and military and infected civilians flying outwards. And so many cool moves and abilities to keep you entertained to the very end!

Game play - Id have to say its like a fusion of Resident Evils storyline with Crackdowns game play style. Its awesome to be at the top of the food chain. You can sprint faster than a car through the streets automatically busting flips over or smacking anything in your way. And the pages of upgrades you can purchase for your character do wonders for customizing your character to suit your needs. And in addition to your giant arsenal of upgrades, you can hijack tanks and helicopters, hurdle vehicles at your enemies, or kill one then take their weapon and start firing back at them. These guys really thought of just about everything. And another neat feature they threw in to keep you interested is the ability to play the game fully upgraded from the start after beating it on normal mode once. A sweet addition as you won't necessarily get all the upgrades the first time around since some of the nicer ones cost a hefty sum of evolution points (upgrade currency).

Graphics - Better in many ways than games that are just coming out now! Definitely a Mature rated game though. The gore is sweet, and the character design clearly had a considerable amount of thought put into it. During the cut scenes in between game play you can really stop to appreciate the detail that went into making this such an all around entertaining game!

10/10 A must play game for all intense action junkies!

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