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When you are playing the game you will want to build up your skills in how to play and maneuver properly. There are are about 5 bosses you're going to have to fight and the end boss is called Mother. She has 14 symptoms of the virus in the game and she is the biggest infected that you have to defeat. She's about 50 feet tall and can destroy anything. Another very hard boss is the specialist, he is one of black watch but is the leader and is almost impossible to defeat. Finally, the super soldiers are about as strong as Alex but they can't morph or shape-shift.

Upgrade Movements First

If you upgrade the movements first you will be faster and you will evade the police quite easily.

Keep Your Upgrades

When you finish the game you can start a new game and keep all of your upgrades from the previous game.

Super Fast climbing

When sprinting on the wall tap the jump button and the dash button repeatedly

How to pass the 15th day mission.

When they ask you to protect the convoy, get on top of the silver car. You're supposed to protect in disguise. Just ride it the whole way through the checkpoints.