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Portal 2

posted by casmouse (MARTINEZ, CA) May 21, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

At first when I got this game i was pretty excited for it, and until the end it kept that excitment. It has some funny jokes here and there, but this is a great game for fans of puzzle games. Even if you don't like puzzlers it has a great story anyone can love. Be warned this game is hard ( I had to use an internet walkthrough with some tests). Anyways i would really get this game I were you.

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Very Good

Portal 2

posted by AriosOmega2 (EFFORT, PA) May 21, 2011

Member since May 2011

Portal 2 tries to keep the same level of interest in the single player as it had in Portal. However after completing puzzle after puzzle in dim environments or large areas it starts to become a little jaded. Not to say that it's a bad game, which is very far from the truth, just that the novelty and excitement from the first game does not fully transfer over to the second.

The highest point of this game is the coop. Being very unpopular I didn't have a friend on hand to play this with me in split screen or online at the time, I chose to try out the random partners online, all but one of which turned out to be very fun to play with making the game the best coop experience I have played to this date.

Overall I'd say this game is saved from the above average mark by its great coop system.

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Wow! not what i was expecting

posted by METALPUNKS (ROHNERT PARK, CA) May 21, 2011

Member since May 2011

I like to keep my opinion short when I talk about this game. Only because I feel I'll spoil it for people. If you have played it you know what I mean. Let me just say it is nothing you would expect. i have never played Portal I just went straight to Portal 2 and was very very happy. I spent 60usd and bought because it's so amazing. Actually it was on sale i ended getting it for 1.50 with a cheap trade in, I would've payed 60 in a heartbeat. The game still leaves me a little speechless.

The fact the Steam is available is incredible. Co-op is just as fun as the story, if not funner because of playing with your friends. unlike most games where they add a co-op mode and put no thought into it, this games co-op is very well put together and you can tell they put just as much work into it as single player. I was shocked to have the option to play with my friends that don't even own a ps3. I was sitting playing with a friend on my ps3 while he was on his pc. I hope Steam takes off for the ps3, it is a great feature.

I'll end with saying try to play Portal 1 first, I think you can get it through Steam for 10 bucks, on your pc of course but don't worry you won't miss out on trophies because there are none till 2. Or grab the orange box which is impossible to find. Another option is watch a few videos on youtube about the storyline in Portal 1. That's what I did and I have no regrets. I would not just pop in Portal 2 without at least knowing what was going on in Portal, you may ruin it for yourself by just playing it without any knowledge of Portal 1's story. I take that back it will be great no matter how you plat it.

Have a fun time and don't quite because you don't like puzzle games just give it time.

I'd give it a 20 if possible.

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