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Easy to learn, fun to play, long lasting

posted by kyle54312 (KISSIMMEE, FL) Nov 25, 2012

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Battle Royale is a game that many can enjoy.

The single player, gives you a quick taste of each character. The only down side to this is that the story is told through clip art with a short cut scene in between. I would have liked to see this more developed, however storys in fighters are never really any good anyways.

The mutiplayer is a different story offering 2v2 and FFA's they have ranked and quick match. Ranked scales on a belt system were you move up if you win and do well and down if you do poorly. At the end you get titles and the cycle starts over again.On top of this each character can go to lv 999 whcih can keep you busy for awhile.

Battle Royale is a first of what i think will be many. While it's not perfect, it's still a game any ps3 owner should look at.


-Very fun and additive game play
-Wild range of charters which will be even bigger soon
-Lost to do
-Online is good, but can be buggy here and there


-Story mode could use more time
-Game lacks higher lv goodies for the characters

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Something is missing

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Nov 21, 2012

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I was really hoping this would be good as it is the first cross-buy game which means you get a free Vita copy as well with purchase of the PS3 version.

However, I played it and it is only somewhat fun. I blame the camera angles mainly as it shifts perspective and it is really easy to get lost. It isn't a button masher as there is skill to be learned for each character ..... it just wasn't that fun.

At best wait for the bargain bin and buy it.... Unfortunately with the cross-buy system it tracks the disc used to get the Vita copy and can only be used once. So chances are a used copy will already have taken the cross-buy copy.... I think this will be a problem for Gamefly as I could have used the disc and gotten a free Vita copy and returned the game. I'm honest so I didn't do that, but this will bite someone who buys it in the future.

1) at least it isn't a button masher
2) Sony characters & backdrops for the fights
3) environments adjust behind you

1) camera angle changes throughout match and when it switches to a high perspective it is hard to follow
2) just didn't feel fun enough to play more than once

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this game is baad

posted by Money_Mann99 (REYNOLDSBURG, OH) Aug 11, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

i had the game before but it was stolen its like super smash bros. but i didnt want this game because it suck balls

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