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Very Good

Paper Mario is back! Well, sort of....

posted by Triracer19 (BAKERSFIELD, CA) Dec 13, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

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Ever since Nintendo showed the trailer of this game in E3 I was already excited! I've been a huge Paper Mario fan ever since I played the N64 version. After the huge flop that Super Paper Mario on the Wii was I was quite frankly desperate for a new Paper Mario as well as insulted that Nintendo would make such a sad excuse of a game, considering how Thousand Year Door on the Gamecube was mindblowingly good and epic. At first I was bit skeptical of this game I just couldn't believe that another Paper Mario game would ever come out or that it would ever be close to what it's N64 and Gamecube versions managed to do. I was pretty excited about the new sticker system though which I thought was pretty innovative. The first thing I noticed was the HD 3D graphics which are quite frankly the best in any Paper Mario I've ever played. I thought the overworld system Inspired by the older Mario classics was tidy and easy to use. I also enjoyed the abundance of Stickers, enemies as well the soundtrack. The Paper element was also more obvious in this Paper Mario than in it's predecessor. The game had a lot of funny moments and was hilarious in it's own right! The bosses were pretty epic and difficult at times, not to mention your partner Kirstie was full of personality and her smart remarks reminded me of Tatl in Majora's Mask. Not everything was perfect though there were a few major flaws though. For one this game lacked a story, which compared to it's counterparts was far from epic and didn't get much of a sense of direction. Second, The game only had one partner which is all right, but a Paper Mario game without many partners is not really Paper Mario. Thirdly this game beyond difficult sometimes and I've never had such a hard time with any game on this series, which is good, but might shy away newcomers. Overall, Nintendo did a great job on this game and I'm going to miss it, but I wish they would have at least bothered to include a decent story. Great game anyone should try.

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GF Rating


Paper Mario Sticker Star Review

posted by VGAfanatic25 (FAIR OAKS, CA) Dec 10, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This game really pushed the Envelope on the "Paper" aspect of the game. With characters acknowledging their world of paper and cardboard, ripping and folding things to move ahead an even incorporating "Crumpled" and "Soggy" as status ailments.

However, the gameplay and story don't really warrant a second playthrough for me. For starters, not only did they not include Partners, there isn't any experience to gain, so you can't call it an RPG and battles could be rendered meaaningless except for clearing out stickers and getting coins t get more stickers. The puzzles can really insult you with how difficult they can be, forcing you to pay close attention to your surroundings, even long before you come across the puzzle you need to solve.

What made the stories in the previous Paper Mario games great were the original setup, the expansive worlds an the reasons to go back and forth all the time. Here, it's just the generic Mario title setup: Bowser kidnaps Peach, you gotta rescue her, you need to go through a bunch of worlds to reach him. They don't even give you scenes where Peach works behind the scenes, and Bowser doesn't even have written dialogue.

The enemies are mainly enemies found in current mainstream Mario titles (but I did like the Ninji and Snifits), and even Gooper Blooper and Petey Piranha are some of the bosses. However, I really liked the Gooper Blooper battle, and how his attack pattern was based around the music playing in the background.

Ultimately, I didn't feel like I was playing Paper Mario. It was more "Super Paper Mario Land" than the spectacle that was Thousand-Year Door. I'm gonna stick with the first three, especially the aforementioned TTYD for my Paper Mario licks.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Eh. It was okay.

posted by Samfly (ALBANY, NY) Nov 17, 2012

Member since Feb 2010

7 out of 11 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

Paper Mario 2 is one of my favorite games. If this game was half as good, it would've been a 10/10.

-Great Paper Element: The other Paper Mario games barely used the paper element but this one takes it to the max and uses it very nicely. It gives the game a nice style.

-3D: The 3D was really good.

-Gameplay: The gameplay was fresh, new, and innovative to the series.

-Music: Just as good as the other games

-No Partners?: All the other games feature memorable partners to help you in battle. They also added in humorous dialogue and some emotional moments at key parts of the game.This game didn't have that, so it felt kind of empty. I'd be fine with it if they replaced it with something just as good but it's not. This brings me to my next point.

Gameplay: It's a pro and con. It was boring in some parts and there were a lot of puzzles that required looking around for hours.

Battle System:It's hard to explain with a limited character limit but you have a limited amount of stickers that corresponds to an attack. Think about it this way. You're fighting a goomba that has one hp left. You don't want to waste a sticker on it but you have to. This happens in other situations when you have to use a hammer on a spiked enemy but your only hammers are super rare ones you want to use on a boss. It was also stupid how there's no level up system. What's the point of fighting then? To get more coins to fight more?

Story: This is by far the biggest issue. The game lacked memorable characters, settings, etc. The other games had chapters that had self contained stories, that also furthered the plot. Each level was a different, unique experience. This game is just a typical mario overworld. You go to an area, fight some enemies, and move on. The villain is also Bowser. That hasn't happened since the first PM. Very forgettable.

On its own, it's a six. Compared to the others, a 1. Worst Paper Mario game by FAR. At least you can tell whoever made SP

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