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Definately not what i wanted 5/10

posted by thegamerkirbies (BATH, ME) Jun 8, 2013

Member since May 2013

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The common problem a lot of Paper Mario fans have with this game is blatantly obvious the first few minutes you start playing. Before now, I've never had to check reviews or ratings of Nintendo games I enjoyed playing in the past, because I wanted to experience the new versions for my self and enjoy them without bias or general opinion/spoilers.

But this game, it has spoiled my trust with Nintendo to never mess up new installments in a series. Everyone who plays Paper Mario comes to expect a fun, fleshed out entertaining rpg, with colorful characters and witty dialogue, but what we got here was a game cut out from story, cut away from side characters, cut apart from most RPG elements that make paper mario what it was.

One of my biggest gripes with the game is there is no progression as a character, you can't level up, there is no exp system, there are no badges, no FP points, no equipment, or characters that boost your abilities. There are no shoe or hammer upgrades to be found in the over world or in the levels, you just run around collecting usable stickers that feel both restrictive and unentertaining, you often have to use the good stickers you have to get past enemies that you didn't even want to fight, as they give no exp and no incentive to kill them, only a handful of enemies in the entire game are worth killing for their unique stickers, and when I say unique I mean like 4 enemies out of a list of 50 or more, many of which they spawn countless of to harrass you and get in your way, often times making it impossible to escape.

The boss fights are a lesson in "don't come unprepared" often punishing you if you didn't know which stickers you should have, I get that you shouldn't be able to kill a boss your first go every time, but when you enter a battle and have a 0% chance of winning

The game is ok for what it is, theres a few good dialogue moments, but is outshined by the lack of characters, lack of story, lack of gameplay, really just lack of ent

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what happened to Paper Mario games?

posted by shikacloud (LOMPOC, CA) May 24, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

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I personaly thought this game was a big let down. not even in the same catagory as the first two Paper Mario, which were a great deal of fun from my earlier childhood. after the disapointment of Super Paper Mario, I had realy hoped Paper Mario: Sticker Stars would have made up for the previous upsetment; sadly, it did not.

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posted by joeturbo (TURLOCK, CA) Jan 11, 2013

Member since Oct 2003

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I loved the paper Mario series, but this is one of my least favorite. Im not saying its a bad game, just not the best out of the incredible series. The sticker concept in this iteration is fun and unique, and the game add some differentiation to the others. The quest will last a good 30+ hours, but the levels were short- good for portable gaming. Unfortunately story: lame, Dialogue: least funny in the series. Its fun, not what some were hoping for in the franchise.

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