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A bad attempt to make education fun

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 28, 2011

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It’s time to take the Oregon Trail that goes from – well one point to another. Rustle up your family, your wagon, and your oxen as you take on the dangers of the Wild West.
But this game takes the premise and dumbs it down a whole lot. All you really need to do is drive your wagon through a track, avoiding obstacles and picking up icons of horseshoes or wagon wheels.
Along the way you can talk with several other pioneers or Indians. You can trade with them, get gifts from them or nothing happens. You can also do some fishing, some shooting and some panning for gold.
But the imagination is lacking in this product. Driving through what seems like the same stretch of land between checkpoints on the trail got really boring. And I didn’t care for the nuggets of educational material sprinkled throughout the journey.
To make matters worse, the game I got doesn’t play fair. For no reason whatsoever, I get hit with setbacks like wagon fire, wolves attack or robbers attack – and I lose a lot of my resources because of those setbacks. But what’s really annoying is that my family members are dying off for some unknown reason which I can’t stop – and when I lose all of them, the journey’s over and I have to start the whole tedious trip all over again.
Oregon Trail tries to make history fun, but it fails because of the lack of innovation and creativity. SKIP IT.

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Really Bad


posted by tp96 (OVERLAND PARK, KS) Dec 16, 2011

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This game is very boring and takes a very long time to complete- about 3.5 hours. It leaves you asking "when will this be over?" It leaves you jumping for joy when you finally arrive at the destination-because then you know its over. Not a good buy at all.

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Would rather play the original PC game...

posted by jaidamoon (PORTLAND, OR) Apr 7, 2012

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I was excited when I saw that the classic "Oregon Trail" game was coming to Wii.

"Oregon Trail" is known for being a well-loved, fairly simple yet extremely fun, "teaching" game. I was quite excited to introduce this game to my son. I played the classic version in school and I remember it with great fondness. Perhaps getting to play the game in school added to the enjoyment and perhaps it wouldn't be as fun played in a different setting, I don't know. I do know that the Wii version of this classic does not in any way live up to the original game.

My son & I both tried playing the game (& just to note, our gaming skills are vastly different - I'm 32, not much of a gamer, & enjoy more simple games while he's 9, a gaming fanatic & is quite skilled). This game frustrated both of us beyond the point of even wanting to try to figure it out. It was just NOT fun, I'm sorry. I don't mind simple, but the graphics/scenery were repetitive to a fault. The wagon was nearly impossible to steer correctly, especially if you wanted to go faster. Hunting, again, boring. My son's 'family' kept dying at a certain point for absolutely no reason whatsoever - multiple times! After that, he gave up. I didn't manage to get much further - while my 'family' didn't all die off as quickly, I just found the game highly unplayable. The 'learning about history' aspect of the game were totally lost due to the poor design - the text portions are far too many boxes to click through,and the interactions with others are repetitive and sometimes, just odd.

All in all, I am very disappointed by this seemingly thoughtlessly slapped together game. It's a definitely NOT something I would call a Wii version of the classic. It's a cheap attempt to cash in on the popularity of the classic title before people realize how absolutely awful it is. I don't mean for this to be a "spoiler" but a mere suggestion of "try before you buy" - this one is definitely a rental.

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