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Great and Frustrating.

posted by Needled247 (FREDERICK, MD) Aug 4, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

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The game stays for the most part True to modern Combat with Real Terms and Good sound. Other than the Sidearm for the Marine Corps being the wrong weapon. All of the weapons are true to the USMC for it being made by a British company.
-Decent Graphics for a mil sim.
-Great weapons.
-Fun Multiplayer modes.
-Realistic Night combat.(You can't see in Night unless you are using NVG or if your in a building with the flashlight turned on.)
-Easy to learn Squad commands.
-Fun combat against PLA and Random Freedom Fighters in Tajikistan.
-Bullet drop
-Getting shot in a limb will give you serious penalties.(Shot in the arm can make your aim real wobbly, shot in the leg will slow your run and make you unable to sprint.)
-Its too hard to fight in the dark unless you have Thermal optics.
-On the easiest mode the game can be to hard.
-You seem to be out numbered in every scenario.
-You have to get your team healed very often.
-No matter where you get hit in hardcore mode you will instantly die.
-Enemys don't get revived by team mates when you only knock them down.
-A downed enemy wont bleed out but your team can bleed out in mere seconds.
-Getting shot in the head in Normal mode wont kill you but when you do any higher difficulty it will.

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posted by silenthog (UKIAH, CA) Aug 22, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

id rent this game just for SGT. Knox's commentary, had me laughing the whole time i was playing, great game if you have patience for strategy, cant win with run and gunning (very hard)

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Lost Oppurtunity

posted by TVs_Matt_Rowe (MONTGOMERY, IL) Jun 17, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

OF:RR is a mixed bag of improvements and set backs to what makes the franchise great. There have been some tweeks in controls and UI, and the edition of player progressioin and loadout selects are nice. Where the game takes a pitfall is in trying to bring in a larger audience with low brow humor and boringly predictable firefights. In the past you were givin your objectives and you would then proceed to scout, issue orders, and take the objective any way you saw fit. In RR however, your annoying cliche of a commanding officer barks at you constantly what to do and most paths your lead on are straight foward and linear. OF:RR tries too hard to emulate what other shooters do well mixed with its brand of sim style gameplay. Codemasters is a long way off from achieving the breath of what makes current 5,000 lb gorrilla great. Enemy Ai seems to have gotten a little bit better, but will stand still out in the open to be shot at still. Your teamate AI, on the other hand, is still dumber than ever. Countless times my teamates won't follow orders, can't seem to take cover nor engage enemies 10m away, and is prone to be run over by the humvee convoy in some missions. Your better off finding 3 other humans to play with over XBL or PSN. Which brings me to multiplayer, Sadly no adversial game modes available, but what you do get is a revamped FTE(Fire Team Engagement) Mode. No longer is FTE just a quick battle from the campaign. There is Rolling Thunder which has you escorting a Convoy, Clear and engage which has you clearing a map of enimies and destroying HVT's, CVac has you entering a red zone and rescuing pilots, and the final mode is reminiscent of the Horde mode from gears of war which you face off against wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies. All in all if your a fan of the OF series, try this one out you might still like it, but for you fast paced twitch shooter fans out there you may want to pass, this isnt the modern shooter your looking for

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