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Operation Flashpoint: Red River


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Very Good

Good, but Buggy.

posted by ZDrummer731 (MURFREESBORO, TN) Jun 29, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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Operation Flashpoint: Red River was a fun game to play. The class customization was great. The player skill customization was pretty good, but gaining points to upgrade got very hard after finishing the campaign.

I thought the campaign was very fun, except for the eighth mission. That particular level, named "1st and 10, Lets Do It Again", was fairly buggy. I had to reload checkpoints because the game wouldn't register when I had completed an objective. Anyways, the AI in the game are stupid. Your team mates are seriously mentally handicapped. For example, I got downed fighting a PLA Spec Ops soldier. My team mates killed him, I then called them over to heal me. I was bleeding out fast too. They kind of just casually walked over, crouched, and watched me die. However, they do a lot more killing than other games AIs. They tend to clutch situations fairly often.

Overall, I thought the game was fun. The campaign was humorous, enticing, and pretty entertaining. Graphics were decent, and friendly AI were sometimes mentally dumb.

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Not for your "average gamer"

posted by tactsims (BASTIAN, VA) Jun 14, 2011

Member since May 2006

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If you're looking for another mindless rail shooter then look elsewhere. It may not be the most realistic shooter ever made... But it's easily in the running for the top console spot.

Be ready to do some micro-managing of your team if playing solo (this games made for co-op). That said, if you use them right they can be useful rather (than just a PITA).

Why not a ten?

Some small gripes...

Some of the dialog can be annoying and repetitive. Both in mission and on the rides to and from.

There were some lapses in otherwise very realistic gameplay. One example was when I wanted to turn off my compass (for a totally clean look with no HUD)... Until I noticed that the sun was do north (late afternoon if it matters). The ability to heal over and over (although, there are times when death is instant) can be far fetched at times... But at least it isn't the silly regen health everyone uses these days).

If you want to hop the planet from one over the top "made for tv mission" to another... Again, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a realistic and demanding/rewarding game that sets itself apart from so much of the garbage that sells like crazy these days...

Check this out.

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GF Rating


I love this game.

posted by panek810 (FLINT, MI) Jun 13, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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This is a wonderfully realistic game for shooter fans. Note the "realistic", one of the top negative reviews here states they were mad they can't jump off a wall or it takes time to pull out a sidearm, you do need to plan your moves and manuver like you would in a real combat scenario. You won't see many soldiers jumping off of roofs or out windows and in a firefight if you try to switch to your sidearm while someone has a gun pointed at you don't expect then to wait until you are ready.

In other words if you are happy playing call of duty and halo then stick with them, keep on circle strafing and jump shooting and loading clips into people. But if you miss great sprawling outdoor areas with one shot one kill gameplay like the old Ghost Recon and similar games then Red River delivers in spades.

However this game does suffer from a lack of polish. It doesn't have top notch graphics, the learning curve is steep and it can be hard to get used to being shot at from 200+ meters. But this is the only "real" shooter on the market right now and it gives a very fun and challenging experience that I have been missing.

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