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Operation Flashpoint: Red River


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GF Rating

Very Good

Improvment from the first

posted by trueblue72 (HORN LAKE, MS) Jul 9, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

This game proved better than i thought, after playing the first one i was looking forward to this one. the graphics are good and the sightlines are much improved from the first one as well as the story its not great but is passable the guns are realistic and moddeled well the sound is better than the first aswell. yes the humV rides are long 3-5 min at the start of each mission also the battles do not last 10 secs they can last from a few mins to 20 mins and its pretty intense being shot at from all different directions the AI is also improved it saved me on more than a few times killing guy i never saw the only real gripe about the AI is if they are in a humV they rarely get out to heal u seems like something that can be patched.also the ssgt is rather annoying but you can tun off the voice so not a big deal. leveling up works fine getting a few things here and there as well as being able to setup your loadout as well as the AIs helps taylor the mission to your liking. not a cod game you will die alot and better with friends.give it a chance like i did and you may be suprised.

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GF Rating


Pretty Good

posted by TheNyealator (CLAREMORE, OK) Jul 4, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

This game for me was a great game even though people knock on the gameplay this shooter was pretty realistic. Its not like cod or bbc2 etc. you cant run into the middle of the gunfire and shoot people you have to work strategic to get through it i have not completed the game yet both of my xbox's decided to get red rings and im waiting for them to get back

the downside to this game is the talking and not being able to skip them they are long cut scenes basically with the staff sgt making conversation about the mission
graphics are alright there are some gameplay glitches but nothing too bad

overall its a great game i like it its a nice change from cod bbc2 etc etc.
thinking about keeping the game

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GF Rating


Dont waste your time

posted by guardian745 (EASTLAKE, OH) Jul 1, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

I had been searching for a military style game other then COD and MOH for awhile now to occupy my time. Im not much into online gaming so i was looking for a game that would require me to play online to get the best contact. Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a game that did little to quell any of the needs i was hoping to fufill. My number one biggest problem with the game is that it was intended to play as a multiplayer game yet it the nearest you could get to multiplayer with out going online was a systems link. The game could have been so much better had it allowed for split screen gaming. My second problem with the game was the A.I. The enemy A.I was almost impossible to beat. While it was nice that you couldnt run down the street capping 40 guys by yourself it got extremely frustrating that everytime i popped my head out of cover i got killed. This didnt help the matter that your squads A.I was pretty much useless. You had to use your commands almost all the time to keep them from walking out of cover and getting themselves killed, which made it even worse seeing as you were trying to keep yourself alive as well. The command feature felt like a poorly executed version of Socom. Red river also allows for customization of weapons which seems like it would have been a cool bad that i was never able to actually do it. You would imagine that inbetween missions it would allow you do change your weapons to suit your style of play but nope it doesnt so i would imagine you would have to quit your game session to do so. On the plus side the graphics look fantastic making you feel like you really are fighting in the middle east and the voice actors do a terrific job, especially the guy who does knox. His lines are hillarious and make the game almost worth sitting through to hear him call you bags of forskin and other funny retorts. My advice if you absolutly need to play this game rent it. If not i would spend my time playing another shooter like socom 4

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