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Good game with friends

posted by Sainted1 (GRAND PRAIRIE, TX) Jul 11, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

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-VERY realistic (from the commands to the bullet drop)
-Long Levels (about 45-1hr per lvl, 10 lvls)
-4 player co-op is very fun!
-customize weapons and classes(about 5 primary and secondary gun choices per class)
-beautiful graphics
-great music(mostly rock and metel)
-good control response, but it does have some getting used to
-extra mission modes all co-op(horde mode, protect convoy mode, kill all enimies mode, ect)
-achievements are pretty easy to get
-challenging AI (they will take cover if they have it near them, or drop to the ground)
-very little loading times

-not much replayability once your classes are lvled up to 20
-solo play is much harder since your AI tends to rely on you constantly
-sometimes you CAN fail objectives by just not being at the right place in online multiplayer (which means pick up groups CAN screw up you fun VERY easily)
-no cover system, you basically crouch behind stuff and pray you dont get shot
-Only 2 maps in multiplayer and no vs mode.

final thought, this game is NOT for those who play Halo, BC, or CoD...why? Because this is all based on REAL motion. CoD can let you take several shots before you go it's 1 hit (sometimes 2), just like in real life. Snipers WILL kill you from 300 meters if you dont take cover! This game was lots of fun with 2 or more players, and the more players, the more fun! This is about tactics and co-operation. It's something different, and that makes it worth wild. I would like to see more content and some new locations (since this game all takes place in one huge area). If you dont like the game, then this game type isn't for you, BUT the game itself...great!

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posted by djmonkeyman11 (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) Feb 3, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

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The game was awesome I loved the realistic aspect of it. I think they over did the cussing, i personally don't care but there is A LOT of cussing.. keep that in mind if your younger or a parent... just saying... all in all i give it a 10

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Great Co-Op/ Story driven game

posted by ishcabob99 (CORAOPOLIS, PA) Jul 10, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

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First I'll start with the Pros
- The AI in this game is great, very rarely will they not respond or walk in front of you while firing
- The story is great, fun, and interesting. You'll meet interesting characters and hear great voice acting and dialogue
- The Co-Op is the best part about this game. Playing with random people is fun, but not as fun as playing with friends. I had many stunning, action packed, and hilarious moments with friends
- It provides a good environment with Thijikistan (spelling error). It feels like you are a Marine on the front lines.
- It also provides good humor with the dialogue.

- With the humor racism and jokes towards women are included and could be offensive
- The graphics aren't bad, but not good either. They're a bit outdated.
- The humvee rides in the being can not be skipped and are quite long.

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