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Very Good


posted by soulASASSIN (PERRY HALL, MD) Aug 13, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

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this game i was thinkin if i would like it but its soo realalistic i love commanding people. what the game struggles in most times r ur partners sometimes they get stuck on a barrior where u can vault but thts minior. another thing i liked was it felt real i liked the seargent yelling and stuff and how they say real words i love this game it does have issues but i like this game i think all of you might like it

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only rent for fun ultra-realism

posted by mrbig97 (WEST ROXBURY, MA) Jun 9, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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This, to be completely honest with you is a wicked fun game. But the reason I didn't make it perfect is the way you, as the consumer would buy it. This game takes pride in hyper-realism, in which Call of Duty is not. You need to lead your squad around, make orders, lay rockets, and not bleed out. This game make war seem oh so very in your living room if you have a good enough TV and souund system. This game is perfect for me because I really enjoy the extreme realism, while many of you may not. This game gets 9 wounded squad-mates out of 10.

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Co-op at its finest.

posted by UkManiak (ROCHESTER, NY) Jun 11, 2011

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The late U.S. release of Operation Flashpoint was a huge mistake on Code Masters part. The game was blasted in almost every game review and people in the states already had a misleading take on Red River. If you are one of those people, you are missing out on one of the best coop experiences to hit the shelves this year.

Red Rivers Co-op gameplay is where it really shines. The game will be much more appreciated if you have some friends on your console lists to play along with. Nothing is really breakthrough in Red River except for the customizable load-outs. A great addition to the game.

With Customizable load-outs, almost any mission can be a stealth mission and having more than one of each class on the battlefield can really turn up the fun factor. (ex.- Four Auto Riflemen in a close quarter battle is all but boring, intensity at its best!) Sometimes I feel more like a SEAL team with my friends than a Marine Squad, especially when we all have silencers on.

Graphics are average, never bothered me once. The characters in this game are really its biggest downfall. Having that Staff Sargent constantly blabbing about rules and calling every one names with a swear word added into ever syllable get really annoying fast! The funny comments get drowned out in all the jibberish.

The long rides from one engagement to another were useless to the overall game experience, they hurt more than they helped. Code masters should have never got rid of the option to get into a Vehicle, almost any kind, and play the mission your way. It may not be realistic, but we are talking video games here, C'mon!

Over all as I have said before, Rent/Buy this game with some friends, its is the only way to get a full experience from Red River. Single player is intense, but your buddy AI gets in the way most of the time and hinder your abilities to focus. Dont miss out on Red River because of lack luster reviews, it is an excellent filler until something better release. Oorah!

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