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Worst NG on the Xbox

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Mar 26, 2012

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Even dating back to the NES, when I think of Ninja Gaiden, I mainly think of two things: difficulty and gore. I think of frustration, boss battles, and more importantly as of recent...I think of ripping limbs off of every sucker who tries to pull a sword or gun at me. NOT ANYMORE. Limb cutting has been removed, and the game has gotten worse. More limb slicing = better game. Ok, I've made my point with limb slicing, but until the guy is just a torso on the ground how am I supposed to know he's dead? I'll slice this dude up with 40 swings and spray 100 gallons of blood out, but he's still getting back up.

NG3 also has an easy mode and ability to click RS to see your current path. Why dumb it down? Look at Dark Souls and its success at being the reason why hundreds of controllers are broken in a dumpster.

Expect way too many quick time button commands to press during boss battles and scenes. Expect lots of blood and cool combos, and guys that can withstand being sliced with a katana 50 times. But don't expect to see your enemy's head fly off with a backslice. OH wait, that's right ... because you can't cut limbs off anymore.

They added online mode too. But oh wait... you need an online pass. What a surprise. I didn't know EA was publishing this one. Because those greedos slap one of those filthy online passes on everything they touch now. If you want access to clan battles and other online modes you'll need to fork over $12 in MSP, but IT'S NOT WORTH BUYING TRUST ME.

I hate to report that this is the worst Ninja Gaiden of the newer generations. I didn't like the changes to the camera angles, or the fact that I can no longer wield nasty scythes, axes, etc.

Milt Drucker

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Ninja Gaiden Craptacular Adventure.

posted by Icefoxvi (LARAMIE, WY) Oct 21, 2012

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Normally I wouldn’t give a game as bland and generic as this even the slightest attention beyond a poor rating, but the fact that Team Ninja managed to take one of my favorite franchises and so utterly destroy it in a single blow calls for my immediate attention.
Ninja Gaiden 1 was hailed as one of the most challenging games for the 360 among my peers- borderline impossible. The sequel managed to take all the good from the original and balance it with new material, correcting some of the more annoying mechanics and making an extremely well developed and balanced game that was fun and engaging. 3 is the most cowardly attempt to make NG appeal to the lowest, most generalized, slack-jawed, talentless and bland denominator possible.
What once required split second timing and coordination has been distilled into a button masher with quicktime events. you can literally go through the whole game just pushing X repeatedly.
I don't even have enough space to go into the narrative with any depth, but suffice to say that it is uninspired and their pathetic attempts to make the plot twisty and unpredictable end up boiling down into a soup that cant decide if its Cajun gumbo or creamy mushroom. They even wasted a great opportunity when unmasking Ryu. Opposed to waiting till the climax to show his face and treating us to a great and epic moment when he reveals himself, he just kinda doesn’t have a mask on at some point and is all like, "oh, hello there. Im Ryu: a godlike, ninja, son-of-a-dragon and i look like a stereotypical effeminate teenage angsty boy".
If you don't mind your five-year-old witnessing bloody katana murder, they really might enjoy this game and you are a bad parent. Otherwise, don’t play this- and if you see a member of Team-Ninja approach them with a rolled up magazine and paddle them on the butt for peeing all over this franchise.


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Really Bad

Disappointing if compared to the other 2

posted by dudethatsrad (CASTRO VALLEY, CA) Aug 1, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

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Ninja Gaiden 3, what to say? This game was a HUGE disappointment, at least compared to the other 2 games. I didn't even finish the second game, and the first game I finished, but I didn't have the time or a paitence to finish the 2nd game. This game should not have a Ninja Gaiden label on it. If you think about this game and you play it without the last 2 games in mind, its decent. It has a few problems with it.

Camera Angles:
The camera has alway been bad, in my opinion, in Ninja Gaiden, but this one was worse. It was slowing moving, and you couldn't adjust fast enought for the many many enemies that you face. It's almost like Dante's Inferno, but 10X worse. The game mechanics don't match up with the camera angles.

This game takes a new form of to many enemies. I get that the game is suppsoed to be hard, but the enemies just never ever ever stop, and I mean it. Read every other review, and they will all say the same thing. No matter how many times you kill an enemy, there are always 3 -4 more hiding and waiting for you. Also, the blood never seems to end. No matter how many times you hit an enemy, you cant seem to kill them at all.......ever. I counted one time, it was a normal enemy and it took me 24 hits to kill a normal enemy. I'm my opinion, it should have either been less hits to kill but more enemies, or less enemies and more hits to kill. But in this game, you get the best, or the worse, of both worlds.

In Ninja Gaiden, you've always been able to use awesome weapons, my favorite was the Falcon Claws......yet another dissapointment, you just get the boring.

This game was bad, really least compared to the other 2 Ninja Gaiden games, but as it's own game, it was a good beta for more to come. I hope the new CEO of Ninja Games listen's to all of us next game, because they will lose another fan if a game like that comes out again.


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