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Three Star Save File

First, you must beat the game (1st star). Next, you have to unlock all worlds (4 and 7, if you haven't already) and stages, including cannons. (2nd star). This enables unlimited Toad House visits. For the final star, you have to get all of the Star Coins in the game. Then, buy all of the Toad Houses and hidden stages, and visit the blue Toad House and buy the rest of the Touch Screen backgrounds. Instead of a Star Coin counter (stars x 00, etc.), you will see "All * spent." Save, quit, and go on again. The next time you play, you should have three stars on your profile!

World 7

Defeat the Boss in the last castle of World 5 as Mini Mario.

World 8

Defeat the Boss in the last castle of World 6 as Mega Mario.

Mushroom house bonuses 1

Complete a stage with a time having the last two digits of the same number to have a different color Mushroom house at the start of the World.

Mushroom house bonuses 2

Have a time ending in 11, 22, or 33 for a red Mushroom house appears that awards items.

Mushroom house bonuses 3

Have a time ending in 44, 55, or 66 on the timer for a green Mushroom house with a mini-game for an extra life.

Mushroom house bonuses 4

Have a time ending in 77, 88, or 99 for an orange Mushroom house with a Mega Mushroom.

Special background patterns

When you load a saved game file that you have completed the game on, you will find a new blue Toad House at the beginning of World 1. Inside are four background patterns you can choose for the touch screen. You can purchase these with Star Coins. The fifth and final pattern can be purchased for 20 Star Coins when you have collected all star coins, complete all stages, and find all hidden exits.

Saved game icons

A star will be added next to your saved game file when one of the following tasks are completed. Completing more than one will display an additional star. The tasks are to defeat the final Boss, complete all world maps by finishing all levels and locating all secret exits, and spending all Star Coins.

Unlimited Toad-House items

When you load a saved game file that you have cleared every level, including the lettered bonus levels, Toad Houses will no longer disappear after you take the items. The only exception are the ones that appear based on your timer when you finish a level.

World 4

Defeat the Boss in the last castle of World 2 as Mini Mario.