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Same game as 2012

posted by jaydeisel (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Jul 12, 2012

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The game is the same game as last years. EA exclusive deals in football makes them not improve their football games. Since, 2k is not making any game because of these deals, EA is putting our bland games. Without competition nothing improves. Overall, a basic game. Nothing to brag about.

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Really Bad

No immediate update

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Jul 11, 2012

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Oddly enough that is just about the only good thing I can say about the game. Ride to Glory is pointless, make a running back and only run. I'm not kidding, I made a balanced HB and while I played it was only run plays. Most of said plays are runs to the right, makes for a very annoying series of downs.

Made a QB, and got some pass plays, but moving up to the goal line you only get run. The computer decides the plays you get and it doesn't know football. Just about every single play picked for me as a QB I'm trying to figure out why. There is still no pass defense so it didn't matter how bad the pass design is.

Control wise it's the exact same as all the rest. Good since you can pick it up and play immediately, unless you forget the set up. Movement is the same as any other in recent memory. Really this game is barely even a different game. The only change is the Heisman thing. You play as a past Heisman winner, there are a goodly number you can play right away, and more that are downloadable.

Everything else about the game is like last year, and the one before. Really pick any NCAA football from the last ten years and it will look the exact same. This game isn't worth a rent let alone a buy. Online might be fun, but then you have to buy it first. Course with no pass defense there's no reason to buy it. You just pass it all day long and you have 106-112 games.

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Just like 12 just a little better

posted by jhsfb71 (BOTHELL, WA) Jul 31, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

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I honestly love the NCAA and Madden games and in NCAA 12 they did a great job at making it unlike Madden where they just took 11 and put Peyton Hillis on it. Anyway back to Ncaa 13 I like how they put the new hiseman challenge which is actually alot of fun. In franchise the only thing they did different was they added the in game updates and changed the recruiting a little bit. Road to glory is the same exact same as 12.

Overall if u want to save money I would buy Madden then this. This isn't a bad game just the same as 12

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