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Very Good

NCAA Football 12

posted by poidog (HONOLULU, HI) Aug 14, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

Good game
Good single player
Laggy at times multiplayer (delayed response from players).

EA requires you to buy a multiplayer pass among other features. A lot of stuff requires you to purchase including features in single player.

That's my biggest gripe: EA charging for features on the game. I already bought the game, now I have to pay to fully enjoy all aspects of the game??

Other than that the game is pretty solid with the biggest change in my view has been the more realistic tackling. There's a few bugs in the game but so far its been good.

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GF Rating

Very Good

I love ncaa football

posted by kbsgameguy (ELK GROVE, CA) Aug 8, 2011

Member since Nov 2007

The game is great graphics are improved, faster gameplay, just better overall.
My beef with Ea sports is "when are you gonna punish the online cheaters for picking the same play over and over again". I mean Football is like a chess game but when your online playing a donkey who only runs one play all game without a way to stop it that is just cow poo. Plus the delay online is horrible. Anyways good game but online is tuff when you have a delay and you lose to a one trick pony.

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EA treats us like lemmings

posted by BGSupreme (LATHAM, NY) Aug 8, 2011

Member since Aug 2005

Remember the game Lemmings from back in the day? The little Lemmings would walk off a cliff one by one if you didn't help them along. Well EA makes the same game year by year with a few tweaks and charges us full price. We pay it. Reviewers complain but give the game an 8.5. We find ourselves disappointed. The next year we complain about last years game and reviewers trash last years game but praise the few tweaks on the new game, complain about a few things and give it another 8.5. I pretty much hate EA now. I hate that they have fooled us all to the tune of millions. Part of it is that they only have a year to make the game every year. I think they need to change the way they do things. I would be more agreeable to a two year turnover. Make the games every other year and during the off year just send an update out that can be purchased for say 29.99. The update could be sent to your 360s and PS3s through your online networks. The next game would have had two years of development and truly come out to be great. But EA won't do that would they? Too much money would be lost if they did what was best. So I won't buy another EA football game until I see something truly revolutionary. I will just rent and send it back.

This is a game that has been tweaked and things have been added to the dynasty. Road To Glory is the best single player option. Online is still the bread and butter but there are things that are unreal. My biggest gripe is that on Heisman difficulty, a defensive back controlled by the Com will be in man to man coverage, with his eyes facing away from the ball, you make the pass to the short man over the middle who has beat the LB covering him, and the defender in man coverage who couldn't see when the ball was delivered or where it was going to has turned, come off his man and moved in position to knock down the pass. This is one of those unrealistic things. The LBs with 50 inch vertical jumps are bad too. Bottom line, this game is a disappointment.

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