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Minute to Lose it

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 1, 2010

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I have not remembered any game based on a game show that’s worth the money - from Deal or No Deal to Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?
Now we get Minute to Win it, and your host, Guy Feiri, and a compilation of 38 mini games.
Problem is, all but 10 are locked, and can only be unlocked if your avatar gets the million dollars top prize for finishing all ten tasks through three of the four episodes of the game show.
Even in multiplayer mode you can only play 10 games - which makes this a very bad choice for a party game because nobody wants to sit by and watch one player slog his or her way through the single player mode to try to unlock the rest of the games.
Adding to the headaches is the fact that these games can get tough; knocking out all nine lights or bouncing a penny into a bottle can be tricky because of non-intuitive control schemes. Needless to say; you may have to play the first ten games many times to get the hang of the controls. This doesn’t make a game fun, it makes it frustrating.
But the most hideous part of the game are the avatars you use - they are some of the ugliest models I’ve seen for this type of game. Why can’t they just use the Miis? (I would’ve like to see what Guy Feiri looks as a Mii.)
And what do you do with your winnings? You buy some really bland and cheap looking clothing for your avatar. I would’ve like to have the ability to unlock some of the other 28 games for multiplayer use.
It will take longer than a minute of your time to get through Minute to Win it, the video game - and I’ve put enough time in it to know that said time was misspent. SKIP IT.

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minute 2 lose it!!

posted by mosh616 (GARRETT, IN) Jun 14, 2011

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this game is pretty terrible. the remotes dont respond well enough to the game which makes the games almost impossible at times. nintendo has never been one to go all out with thier graphics either but this one is pretty bad. i was sick of hearing guy's voice within 5 minutes of playing the game. big dissapointment :(

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Overall an OK game

posted by htka77 (JANESVILLE, WI) Nov 18, 2010

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This game isn't the worst and it isn't the best, it's just OK.

Positives, it has 36 minigames that are played on the real show so there is a nice variety. It also follows the show pretty well also with the intro to each game and a description of it along with showing the controls that are needed to perform the challenge.

Some of the games are fun to play and have basic controls using nunchuk and wiimote.

You can play an episode, do a time trial, or practice games.


Graphics - They are horrible and look bad, mainly the characters in the game. They're too generic and cheesy. You also start out in a generic outfit that you only can change after you win some money and the new outfits aren't much better.

Game instructions - Some of the games you need to really look at to find out what they really want done. IE: Punch Your Lights Out

The instructions told me to turn off all the lights on the board and that is what I did, but I didn't win.

The second time I tried, I looked to the right of the main board and there is a smaller board with only a few lights on and the rest off, so I figured I needed to only turn the light ones on that board off of the main board.

Wrong again. I realized that after seeing the number /9 in the upper left corner of the screen. Didn't even notice it the first play through, and this time when I noticed it, I saw the numbers were going down when I was turning off the ones that were lit on the smaller board.

So then finally to complete the challenge I had to turn off the lights that were not lit on the smaller board.

Playing an episode, the challenges stay the same for that episode, they don't randomly change which would have been more fun. So if you want to play episode 1, you'll play the same 10 challenges everytime in the same order.

Some games are just boring. Moving on up all you do is rotate between shaking wiimote and nunchuk to move the cups.

Rent if you enjoy the show.

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