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Above Average

If it aint broke....

posted by BadLarry (DEER PARK, NY) Sep 2, 2010

Member since Jun 2005

I liked the idea of going back to a 2D metroid. The problem here is that it is and it isn't. Jumping back and forth between first person and 3rd person is awkward and annoying (you use the wiimote sideways for normal control but then point it at the screen for 1st person). While there's some neat ideas here and finally some character development, the controls are too dam.n cumbersome to make the game really enjoyable. Too many fights require you to jump to 1st person view and wildly swing the view around until you've found the target to lock onto - only to get nailed for half your energy. Frustrating.

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Authorization my behind!

posted by TweekTra (MILWAUKEE, WI) Sep 2, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

Ok, so, it's different. I tried to wait until I finished the game to review, but that never seems to happen. I just had to after what I just went through. So, I just got the varia suit. If you've played already, you know the feeling. I've never thought of Samus as particularly stupid, nor have I ever put any sexist labels on her or her actions. This time around though, she is just plain silly. Silly like the girl in the horror flick who could have escaped had she just not screamed like a ditzy blonde. She traverses dangerous areas and comes this close to dying, when she has access to the resources that would have never made her life hard. I'm sorry, but i'm not waiting until after i've dealt with a lava fish, lava men who want to touch me the wrong way, running down a long bridge with enemies being launched at me and lava preparing to drown my burned carcas while my suit is melting to get some chumps approval to protect myself. Hey, its my suit, and I am burning, so I am using my varia suit. Oh look, an energy tank that I can just get. what? Wait until I have his say so to use my bombs? pshaw! Anyway, searching for something to scan and standing around in visor mode until I find it is a complaint, but as long as you realize you're supposed to be looking for something, no big deal i guess. So far, so good. Rating a 10, suggesting that you purchase this game for replay. Can't wait until Metroid 3.
(Because metroid prime 3 isn't metroid 3, in case you don't keep up with the story.)
Well, that's all from me. I have to escape this lava now.

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GF Rating

Above Average

its different

posted by shidowdawg (PORTAGE, IN) Sep 2, 2010

Member since Jul 2004

If the controls were better it could be a bit fun I hate the authorization just to use certain weapons I rather find and use then as I chose like in previous Metroid games
I thought flipping the controls would be fun it turn out to be annoying and frustrating especially in fight situation.
its an love or hate deal here. I would only buy it if the price drop and if Nintendo pulls an Metroid Trilogy I would not even care If I dint have it.

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