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GF Rating


Metroid evolved

posted by Robofish (OWINGS MILLS, MD) Sep 3, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

31 out of 48 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

To start off this is the update we have all been waiting for. The gameplay feels fresh, and yet still very familiary. Samus still wanders corridors and large rooms by herself, but she checks in with the Galactic Federation every so often. If this was to be compared to any games in this series, this is most like Metroid Fusion.

The fans are going to be divided on this one for sure. But I can tell you it is awesome. The combat is fluid, and fun. Samus totally looks like a Bad a-s-s.

The biggest change is probably the combat itself. It's encourages you to play a bit more defensively but that really pays off when you go in for the kill. Some enemies have a special "death blow" animation you can peform when they are weakend. Just run up to them with a fully powered charge shot held down and Samus will jump into it.

The game is played with the wiimote held sideways ( Think NSMB Wii ). 1 fires your blaster, 2 jumps, A turns you into the morph ball. Point the Wiimote at the screen, and suddenly you are in first person mode. At this point hold B to look around and then when you lock on to something press A to fire a Missle. You can also press A without locking on to fire normal blaster shots.

So now that you know the controls, it plays really well. All the classic enemies are there. Some require multiple shots to take down, some require missles, others require you to jump on their head and deliver a charge blaster shot to the face. ( and it looks really slick )

Team Ninja and Nintendo did a great job updating the Metroid gameplay to make it fresh, but keeping it just like the same old Metroid everyone loves.

The biggest comparison I've heard is Metroid Gear Solid. Yes there are a fair amount of cut scenes. But that helps bring the series forward as well. It's a welcomed change to hear Samus talk. Some of the cutscenes especially at the start are a bit long, but that just helps set up the story.

If you are a Metroid fan you NEED to play this.

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GF Rating


Great gameplay. Terrible storyline.

posted by Ivellias (HIGHLAND FALLS, NY) Nov 15, 2010

Member since May 2005

10 out of 15 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Let me get this out of the way. I'm a huge Metroid fan. The moment I learned Samus Aran was female is still one of the most 'omg?!' moments of my young video-game-nerdhood's past.

(I also happen to rock the Samus in Super Smash bros., but that's another story)

Metroid:Other M -wants- to be a very good game. But whoever was put in charge of the story should be fired on the spot. The first fifteen minutes has you listening to Samus moping about the loss of baby metroid to Mother Brain. Alright, I can understand, cute alien head-eater is gone, they're trying to make me feel a lil empathy okay(and hey, she looks ha-mazing in that jumpsuit so whatever). Unfortunately the rest of the game seems to be about shredding her tough-girl attitude. Instead of a silent, strong-willed character who happens to be female, they relentlessly(through her badly dubbed voice-acting) reduce Samus Aran to a wrist-cutting emo-kid with father issues, ignoring all her past experiences in favor of saying she was pretty must just 'rebelling'. It's simply shameful and ruins the entire Metroid atmosphere, even if you've never played another Metroid game, it's bad.

Other than that, the game is -very- fun to play, with controls similar to the original NES games, with a nice dab of the Wii's point-and-shoot mechanics to make it even more fun.

Graphics are pretty despite being on the Wii's lower-end hardware, with lots of glowy bits and shiny sci-fi paraphenalia.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not bad for a runthrough, but glad I didn't buy it

posted by mg5146a (WASHINGTON, DC) Sep 4, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This game was extremely fast paced, and the character design was phenomenal, interesting, and challenging. I strongly disapprove of the storyline, though. The character of Samus being given a voice was a BAD idea. She ended up being trite, narcissistic, and extremely uninteresting. I always thought of her as more similar to Link, the stalwart loner whose pensiveness came from the subtleties of her character, not from overarching exposition. However, this game was pretty tough, and therefore interesting. I consider myself a pretty experienced gamer, and I still had plenty of trouble with a bunch of the bosses. Ah, and on that note, there's a boss fight every three or four rooms, which keeps you on your toes. I did miss the puzzle-solving element quite a bit, but the action was engaging. This game took me about 8 hours of gameplay to beat, which means it's much smaller than previous installments of the Metroid series. Like I said, it's great I didn't buy it, because it's rather short and resolute. It'll keep you interested, you just have to bite your tongue whenever Samus starts with her monologuing. I liked it, but that's about it.

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