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GF Rating


great and better then last one

posted by TheGodofDogz (PLANO, TX) May 14, 2013

Member since May 2013

10 out of 14 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

Just got done playing at my bro-in-laws house and it is hands down alot better then the first one. I played metro 2033 and didnt even finish it due to mass glitching. The story is priceless but i feel the Metro 2033 was to much stress on the hardware but Last Light is perfect. Everything is flawless and the game is moves through frames smoothly. The weapons are more fun to upgrade and really do help you through the maddness. I don't want to tell more you will just have to play it!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Not as great as first but still worth your time.

posted by runescapeguy (BECKLEY, WV) May 14, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

3 out of 8 gamers (38%) found this review helpful

Not as good as first but still if you liked first this one is a must get. The environment doesnt feel as gloomy as the last one or scary, and that is what made me love the first. But despite the few flaws it is a great game just not as good as the first one.

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GF Rating


Fundamentally Flawed

posted by Palzon (PFLUGERVILLE, TX) Jul 11, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

2 out of 6 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

Worst game Ive ever played. I do not say that lightly. Reviewing solely to spare you from wasting any time. Groups of NPC's talk over one another so that you can't really follow what they're saying. The story unfolds through so much artless talking & boring diary entries. The human enemy AI is so worthless that you can "stealth" kill them while they're looking right at you without ever alerting them. At times groups of human enemies will rush to your location after being alerted, just run headlong into your fire. Early on in the game, you will find much of your movement hampered by lame spiderwebs. A few would be one thing, but they're everywhere. The game is really limiting of your movement to the point of almost like being on a rail. Speaking of rails, when you get your train car it is so pathetically slow. The kiddie train ride at the park moves faster. Movement in the game in general is just painfully slow. The kicker is that the game is full of bugs. I found the first one within about 10 minutes of play. I was playing on hard and died. Reloaded and was put face-to-face with an enemy. He starts shooting me but his bullets do no damage. No matter what I did, I was not able to equip a weapon and couldn't melee. I advanced only by finding the exit. By the way, there are often times where finding the exit is easier said the done, and it's not some clever puzzle. They're fishing without bait. Finally I reached the bandits segment in my slow-azz train car. You're to free a tied-up prisoner and he will help you by moving an obstacle on the tracks. One problem though: crummy game glitched and the tied up man couldn't be freed. Period. Not even by reloading. That was it for me. I hit eject. Disk back in sleeve. Done. Game could've been good. Ultimately this is a second rate title at best. In my case it was unplayable garbage. Many better titles to occupy your time. Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 3, TLoU, even Farcry 3. Skip this one.

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