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posted by walesca_Gamefly (CANTON, MA) May 17, 2013

Member since May 2013

Gamers complain too much . this game is no doubt one of my top 3 games of 2013 , the metro games are my top 5 of all time . listen i know people have there ways of playing a video games but come on , this game was written very well , the story makes sense , it has its creep and scary moments , yes the ending is a little twist i didn't like a little bit but it was still interesting, trust me there is no glitches in this game well only one or two , if you like a good action shooter , creep and scary game , great graphics and atmosphere graphics , and a good story telling game , then this is your game , please dont listen to some of these low rate reviews , play 2033 and this game and you'll understand what i mean.

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Don't fear the dark, embrace it!

posted by DrewYork (WILMINGTON, DE) May 17, 2013

Member since Dec 2008

Loved the first Metro, so I'm a little biased. That being said, this is a great title. Shooting is improved, which was one of my minor complaints from the first game.

- Great story
- Engaging characters/environments (I watched a performance for a bit at a theater and listened to a guitar player for a few minutes.
- Great sound (I use TurtleBeach and this game gets you looking over your shoulder every once in a while)
- R.U.S.H. and blast everything OR sneak around and take out objectives silently.

- Not a whole lot so far (not done my 1st playthru)
- I don't really like the knife throwing, for some reason. It feels a bit clunky and I wish they could be aimed and thrown faster. I mean, it's a throwing knife... ya know?

Definitely worth a rent, I'd pick it up if I had the scratch right now.

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Too many glitches

posted by RuningWolf (YUCAIPA, CA) May 17, 2013

Member since Apr 2003

This game has too many glitches for me to have any patience for levels like with the tank that I played over and over and over again only to fail each time. I could forgive a few glitches but when the sneaking kill effect freezes the game several times, that"s It. Between that and the tank you couldn't give me a copy of this game!
So to sum It up, graphics are so so at best,
Sound keeps bugging out too.
and game playability is low. It's just a poorly done game period.

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