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Metro, metro, METRO!

posted by and_here_we__go (PRESQUE ISLE, ME) May 17, 2013

Member since May 2013

It was a descent game. Had a few glitches here and there and also took awhile to actually get into the action of the game. But overall it told an amazing story with extremely solid game play. I would recommend this to anyone looking to follow a well developed plot that gives many different weapons of various sorts that ultimately kick some dirty villain arses! Along with those looking to see a little extra from the strippers that keep em' company as compared to GTA 4 (haha).

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Very Nice

posted by prototype888 (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) May 17, 2013

Member since Sep 2011

Finally something I can right a good review about. First off this game is about a million times better then I would have ever imagined. Voice over, Graphics and gameplay. Something to get you away from other first person shooters. Sorry pretty good nice Weapons all in all great game.

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Metro Perfected

posted by Bobaganoosh (PLAQUEMINE, LA) May 17, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

This game is the perfection of everything that was wrong with 2033. I have to say, 2033 was an okay game. The concept was great but the story/gameplay were pretty meh. In Last Light, EVERYTHING is 10x better. The story is good, and you don't have to have played 2033 to be caught up with the events of what's happening. The game sums up what's going pretty quickly upon starting, and the story for Last Light is a good one. One thing I find really cool that most people will probably over look and not really care about, but the fact that when you wear your mask, and say you kill some mutants or humans and blood gets on your mask, you can click the LB button to wipe it off your mask and clean it off. I just think it's a cool feature that adds to the game's realism. If you weren't aware, in 2033 and this one, if you go into a radiated area, you have to use your mask to breathe. You keep a wrist watch type deal gauge that shows you how much oxygen you have left in the mask. In 2033 the watch was analog, something I really didn't like. In Last Light, it's digital, so it shows you exactly how many minutes/second you have left to breathe with your mask. And that adds intensity to the game. You could be in the middle of a fight with an enemy, and at the same time be running low on oxygen for your mask. So you'll have to fend off enemies, and at the same time, pray that you find a new oxygen thingie. It makes for some intense action. These are just a few things that to me, makes this game unique. There's also many freaky moment traveling the tunnels, when you can hear mutants, but don't know where they are, and see your oxygen level getting super low. Exploring the areas can be very rewarding in these situations.In a way, I'd say just rent it if you aren't keen on getting achievements for replat value, but it reallt is an amazing game. Me, I bought it. I support the developers in hopefully making another sequel. Overall, I'd say this game is a solid 9/10. I highly reccomend it.

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