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posted by kingsolitude (KLAMATH FALLS, OR) May 25, 2013

Member since May 2013

just gotta say with all these other fps. this game is a well deserved relief to all these copy and paste military shooters that are now lacking good story and gameplay for generic graphical aweness. finally some one with some real artistic thought and not scared to step alittle bit away from mainstream killem point and shoot mentality.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great but not legendary

posted by dclewis (CLINTON, MI) May 24, 2013

Member since May 2013

This Game has Quite a few moments that will capture your imagination, and really delve into the hearts and minds of many. From the excellent voice acting, to great narroration, will keep you stomach deep into the story even during loading screens.
Gameplay offers great versitility and allows for multiple ways through any obsticle you will face through out your journey. Lacking in the diversity of weaponery you will be able to get your hands on, you do have a slight option to customize, making your weapons semi unique. On the other hand, this game wasnt made for you to use flashy weaponery or to customize to a unstoppable force that would make the game boring and a lot less entertaining.
The story line and plot play out extremely wanting more. Once i reached about the 12 hour mark it starts to pull together pretty fast...a little to fast. Being the story is a good one, it does seem to become a bit rushed. Causing the ending to not pull together in its full potenitial. There is so much to work with on this game, so i was a little ashamed when i got to the final battle and watched the last cutscene and realized it was over. From the climax of the plot to the end of the story was no longer than a mere morning dump.
Although the title brought me great entertainment and a real feel of being a part of the story. Due to its interactive nature and diary reading narrorations. I cannot give this game a rating it should get based on potential. I just wish it would deliver all the way to the end.

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GF Rating


Too short

posted by maywin26 (SANDY, UT) May 24, 2013

Member since May 2013

I beat this game in about 3 days. I wasn't playing constantly either. For the cost I feel that you don't get your money's worth time-wise. Having said that it was a good game and had a good story line. However, it was riddled with glitches. NPC's would behave like mannequins and as soon as you sneak up on them and strike them with your knife the game would freeze. Half of the time the only way to solve this issue would be to restart the whole level, not just from your last save point. The same thing would happen with the audio. It would completely stop and I would have to restart my system. Very frustrating.

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