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Encountered Issues That Shouldn't Be There

posted by yesokyesok (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Oct 13, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

30 out of 48 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Pros: Solid campaign but short length. Great story that keeps up with the momentum of the game.

Cons: Considering the game had a Beta (which I was involved in) they clearly left alot of things unpolished. While the game mainly revolves around Online Multiplayer they left out certain things that could have improved this score.

1. Screen Resolution/Size - My biggest disappointment is the screen does fit. There is a SCREEN ADJUST option in the multiplayer menu however the arrows do not align properly. Google provided me with similar complaints. So if you do not have a huge TV (1080p) or able to connect to a Monitor. Your out of luck.

2. Sound - My default sound was Monitors???? You can adjust to TV however, why was that not the default? It left me wondering during the game why it sounded funny. Even with the adjustment it seems like the Devs got carried away with 5.1 encoding thus leaving it sounding cluttered.

3. Online Freezing - The game freezes if you are playing opposing force sometimes. Also, the controller and in game menus react slowly.

4. Spawn Camping - Poorly planned spawn points makes you frustrated.

5. EA Pass - If you rented it (which obviously you all did) prepare for the same treatment you got in BFBC 2.

6. Competition Between EA and Activision - Do we really need the slow-mo breach and pistol scenes like COD. I swear I thought this would be something new.

7. BF 2.5 - While its not Battlefield, it feels like it. In campaign you can Prone. In Multiplayer the option is not there. I swear I thought this would be something new.

Overall: RENT First. Purchase when in bargain bin. This game should have come out over the summer not close to when CODBO is coming out.

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GF Rating


Awesome Game

posted by serg (KIRKLAND, WA) Mar 19, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I really loved the game Not the ONLINE play but the Single player just weird everybody gives rating for online mode this is fun game if you wanna play and don't have internet connections this is alot better then the last COD fun to play really realistic and just overall very enjoyable .

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Medal of Dishonor

posted by Soldarith (WEST CHESTER, PA) Oct 16, 2010

Member since Apr 2009

23 out of 37 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

- Storyline is ultra-realistic and puts you into the boots of special forces in modern day scenarios.
- Weapons are realistic and ballistics are outstanding
- Sounds and music are first-rate.

- Being the weak victim operator throughout all the cut-scenes always being the one needing help from your buddies.
- Unengaging cut scenes that really didn't do much to move the story.
- 6-7 hour single player game. One of the shortest I've ever played.
- COUNTLESS AI bugouts that require you to load from last checkpoint multiple times until you can progress again.
- Multiplayer is a copy/paste of all DICE multiplayer Battlefield games, dating back to Battlefield 2142 -- Nothing, absolutely nothing, has changed here. Its a re-hash of the same old thing.
- Multiplayer has uninspiring weapon upgrades, overly-complex scoring system, small compact maps, confusing map layouts, dull drab over-use of colors, almost-worthless mini map system, & absolutely bland static kill streak rewards.
- No kill cam
- Worst offender of the entire game: Multiplayer's sole goal is to race to camp the opposing team's spawn point before they camp yours.

All-in-all Linkin Park could not save this absolute flop of a game. EA should be disgraced and embarrassed for putting this title out. The single-player is FAR too short and the multiplayer is the same DICE game you played a decade ago, just with new skins. Other than the single-player story, this entire game is a re-hash and a purely copy/paste from previously-released EA/DICE games. Totally unoriginal, over-marketed, over-hyped, and unimaginative end result for a game that should have made us all proud.

Shame on you EA & DICE.

Rent do not buy. Then promptly return to move onto another title. Or wait for CoD: Black Ops to see if they did better.

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