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GF Rating

Very Good

8 out of 10

posted by WADEHILL (STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO) Oct 16, 2010

Member since Mar 2008

i dont know why so many people are giving this low ratings it is a good game the campaign is great i would give it a ten yea its short but it has a high replay value it was fun you could blow bad guys heads blow or into pieces with a grenade the multi player is an 8 not nearly as good as the single player they are pretty different if your like me like to go on single player to learn the controls and get good at the game then go on multi player but on multi player you cant even go prone or lay down and you cant use all the guns you use on single player in all it is well worth a rent i bought this game thinking it would be like bc2 it kinda is but with worst multi player and way better single player

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GF Rating

Very Good

This games very fun but...

posted by MVPFAN (EAST LIVERPOOL, OH) Oct 15, 2010

Member since Jul 2007

Ok well 1st off i do love this game but its more of a forced love instead of that feeling when you got your first puppy. I hate the campaign the controls are akward they just dont feel right. But you dont care about the singleplayer im guessing so im gonna be talking about the multiplayer. The Multiplayer is good but realalistic and I mean to realalistic. theres 3 classes. Assualt. Special-Ops. and Sniper. well theres 24 players a 12 on 12 bases for team assualt (etc... Well about 4 on each team are Snipers. Well the bolt-action rifles will kill you in 1 shot no matter where the bullet hits you'll be dropped. The Spec-Ops class is annoying also. they have Rocket Launchers as a gadget and a SMG or a Shotgun as primary. the shot gun can instantly kill you from about 30 feet away and the SMG's kill you from half the map. Im still trying to figure out how an SMG kills you faster then an Assualt Rifle or an LMG. The Assualt class is kinda the middle child you could say. In close range the Spec-Ops class will win and long range the Sniper class will win. The maps are very tiny. And I mean too tiny like right when you spawn you could run into someone in 10 seconds. You could spawn next to 5 enemies. Or you could spawn and get sniped right off the bat. There are a good bit of weapons to pick from but there the same. there just upgraded versions as you level and unlock them.

Bottom line is if you've been playing battlefield 1943, battlefield 2, or battlefield badcompany 2 your gonna adjust more faster. As from a call of duty gamer your gonna be taking it back to gamestop in about 2 days.
I would reccomend renting it first and if you like it buy it.

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GF Rating


Sick Game

posted by peeinurbed (WAYNE, PA) Oct 15, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Mix of COD and Bad Company. One negative, too much sniper rifles.

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