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GF Rating


more like medal of honor warfailure

posted by jaketra (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jul 14, 2014

Member since May 2013

i expected more out of this game. this game is an absolutely failure.their were parts where the game would be like in slow motion and when your trying to kill someone and it does that its so annoying. it was way to glitchy you can barley see the bad guys. it feels like all the bad guys are shooting at you. the acting is terrible. it feels even more worse than the 2010 medal of honor. the gun selection is bad. they try to make it more legit as possible. honestly why couldnt they just make this game for fun, instead of being as realistic as possible, like call of duty would do it would get more better reviews in my opinion. the story line is a little confusing. the driving controls are terrible. the driving camera is terrible. i do not like the car view camera its more annoying when your driving down the road and their are people and motorcyclists in your way and your trying to chase down the bad guy. overall i hate this game it was more disappointing than the 2010 medal of honor. it sucks. its bad. its terrible. its weak. these game companies such as frostbite 2, dice, danger close and EA will NEVER bring their A game. it will always be the L game for lame.

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GF Rating


Very average.

posted by Shonsu (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Jun 2, 2014

Member since Feb 2013

The title sums it up for me. There's nothing to really write about this game. You shoot things, you kill things, there's some semblance of a story somewhere in there. The graphics are fine, not really spectacular or terrible. I've heard good reviews of the AI and how they use cover... well they do, but they're still idiots. The "main" missions are enjoyable if you like shooters, but for some reason they have a LOT of unplayable parts, there's like 2 or 3 levels that consist of barely doing anything (One mission is literally one shot).

Overall... fine for a rental, you'd have to be crazy to buy it unless you love the multiplayer.

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GF Rating


OKAY. no worse than COD

posted by playstationfan0 (BRADFORD, AR) Apr 29, 2014

Member since Jul 2013

The campaign was bad i played it for 30mins and couldnt bare it anymore now the multiplayer was fun and was the only reason why i rented the game for a week otherwise it wasnt any fun

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