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GF Rating

Above Average

Hit a game ending glitch, even with patch

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Oct 25, 2012

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I had higher hopes for "Medal of Honor:Warfighter", since it looked to improve on its predecessor. But, just as with the last game, a glitch ended my time with this. And I even downloaded the patch (which took close to an hour), all to no avail. At least the glitch that ended my game on the previous entry occurred in the final mission, so I got a better sense of the game until that point. This time around the glitch came early (during the "Shore Leave" mission), giving me two enemies with RPGs who proved to be indestructible, even though I was landing headshots, which resulted in failure of the mission. Even restarted the mission over, but that didn't help either. Up to that point, the game had its issues- pop in, invisible walls, and poor objective markers. But it was still decent FPS fare, with what seemed to be a good story, good voice acting, and smooth controls. My rating comes from my time with the game, so keep that in mind. Too bad Danger Close and EA released a broken game that needed such a large day 1 patch that still didn't fix the problems. Hope others had better luck.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Pretty good FPS

posted by kbodin1 (LYNN, MA) Oct 25, 2012

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As many who have read my reviews before, i am not a huge fan of FPS games, every now and again a game comes along that changes my POV. This game definetly does just that.
It was a pleasent surprise that i just kept playing this game for hours after getting it home from gamefly. I actually played so long my eyes started to water from being tired.
The graphics are pretty sweet and the gameplay is pretty smooth. I like all the different aspects of the game. I was going to play it for 1 day then send it back so i could have a slot open for the 30th when AC III and WWE 13 come out but i'm gonna keep it for a while just to see how it plays out.
Good game and a definete good rent an so far a pretty interesting story line.

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