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Missed Opertunities

posted by FitzMadrid (TEMPE, AZ) Oct 26, 2012

Member since Aug 2008

Just finish Medal of Honor: Warfighter's campaign. The experience felt unfinished and unrealized. It was like watching the movie Act of Valor: cool but not awesome. There is certainly fun to be had but compared to the fully developed plot of the Modern Warfare games and its excellent predecessor, the new MOH is a let down.

Its a story of close warfare. The combat in most the missions, with the e
xception of a weakly delivered sniper mission, happens at arms length. Tight room after room needing clearing and while it maybe the spot lite moment of the Special Warfare community the endless stacking on doors and bullet time clears dont offer enough variation to be interesting.

The most interestingly different missions were well done car chases. Which is problematic if the best executed part of your modern military shooter is a well done driving level.

In a game with few hero moments, the player is often reduced to a spectator when they do happen. In places where a quick time button mash would have been welcome, or at least obvious, I watched the hero on screen being awesome while I did nothing.

The best campaign in a shooters is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It shocked and intrigued players with its taught story of a hidden near war in the Balkans. The Pripyat sniper mission may never be topped, the C-130 devastation mission set the a bar so high for on the rail action that 5 years later no game has surpassed it, and no shooter has shocked as much as COD 4 when the nuke went off.

The worst was the campaign of Battlefield 3 which was first of many cruel jokes EA played on people who paid full price on day one.

The new Medal of Honor is somewhere in between. Not as good as the last Medal of Honor but miles closer to the mark than BF3. Games like MOH is the reason I have Gamefly. Im happy to have played but wont miss it when I send it back.

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MOH: Warfighter Review -SPOILERS-

posted by ofenderz0 (OCALA, FL) Oct 26, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

This game is amazing, great graphics, gameplay, and story. The multiplayer is just spectacular, I liked that you could pick your nationality and how there are more classes to choose from than the last Medal of Honor. At the end of the game I was suprised that Linkin Park did another song for the end credits. The only problem I had with this game is that Mother died.

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Very Good

Mind Blowing!

posted by Bkerestes (COALDALE, PA) Oct 26, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

This game is incredible, the graphics are mind blowing and I'm sure some of you will remember some of the events that this game has in it. The storyline isn't bad at all, the ending will bring a tear to your eye if you are a vet like me. The online gameplay isn't bad, but the graphics could be much better on some maps. That is why I am giving this and 8 out of ten.

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