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Its ok

posted by mars188 (BRISTOW, OK) May 18, 2012

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I think i did all of this in Straglehold but at least Straglehold had boss fights!! Max-Payne you start at point A Go to point B shoot 30 bad guys about it. Plus what is the deal with the weapon being switched after a cutscene??? Pain gaint Pain!!!! Game is nice looking it is fun to play but its nooooo Ace-Title. Next time have some cool Boss fights mix up the game-play. Thanks

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Another Rockstar Classic (with a few faults)

posted by _XYZ_ (NEW LONDON, CT) May 18, 2012

Member since May 2012

(I won't get into too much detail about the game itself, because you already know how great it is.)

I've always been a fan of the Max Payne series, and this installment definitely did justice to the series. The storyline is fast-moving, the gun mechanics were a giant step up from it's predecessor, and some of the characters were memorable enough to be seen in a sequel (others, not so much).

My issue with this game is the environment is faulty at times. In one instance, you can slide over a table in bullet-time, run into a wall, then stagger up. The second time you try it you get tripped up on a bucket thats on the floor and can't move forward and die. Another one is when you're blind-firing from cover, everything works as it should...other times Max just shoots up in the sky and throws ammo away while enemies run for new cover. I've also been caught up on doors too.

I recommend this game as-is, but if you want trouble-free gameplay, wait for the patch.

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Don't crown it best game ever just yet.

posted by Chessfu (PORTAGE, IN) May 18, 2012

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Max Payne 3 is a pretty good 3rd person shooter game. If you have read any of my reviews you know I feel 3rd person shooter games are better than 1st person shooter games. But there are some flaws that take away from your gaming experience.
FLAWS: The first is a given, your AI partner is worthless. Next, they use a white dot in their aiming process. The dot will turn red if you get it to a target. But with handguns the distance of target will keep dot white. Not enough pain killers, most times you just get two. Takes too many shots to drop the bad guys. Head shots are hard to come up. LAST the BULLET TIME, should have been updated to were a player could ZOOM and hit vital areas. Think about FALLOUT and how you can ZOOM in vats to clearly see the target. MP3 just keeps the same outdated bullet time feature that was cool a dozen years ago.
Those areas in my opinion make this a good game but not great game. The graphics are fine, The dialogue is ok. Sometimes you wish you can tell your AI partner to SHUT UP & SHOOT SOMEBOBY. He's always yapping for you to shoot, but you never see him drop anyone. I plan to buy it once the price drops. Namely that you can get into some really great gun fights. In one you have to kill at least 30 AI bad guys in one fight scene.

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