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Doesn't come close to doing the original justice

posted by multigame7 (CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA) Nov 15, 2014

Member since Mar 2008

Unfortunately, this was a huge let down and I ended up sending it back the morning after I received it. I'm a legacy fan of the Max Payne series - I've been around since the original Max Payne on XBox.

Gameplay is choppy, the movement engine is clumsy at best, and you'll find yourself straying off and running into things constantly. Also, the button set-up and firefight gameplay pretty much devolves into you just diving into slow motion over and over - each of which time Max makes the same exact grunting sound. Needless to say, it gets old quick, and I actually ended up muting the game to get through an hour of gameplay. The enemy AI is pretty laughable, as they'll run directly up to you, as opposed to taking cover, moving together, etc.

Altogether, I think that I'm a tough customer to satisfy, given that I was expecting a pretty stellar game to live up to the Max Payne name. However, this certainly does NOT live up to the name, and I wouldn't recommend it. However, please read other reviews and gather more opinions. I, for one, couldn't send it back fast enough!

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A big mistake!!!

posted by new_trk (ROXBURY, MA) Oct 4, 2014

Member since Apr 2013

"If they want Pain, they will get Max Payne".. This was one of many smart, clever lines that Max used to spit out in almost every scene in the first two installments of the game. One of the things I personally loved so much about the guy was his poetic way of telling the story. It was just so much pleasure listening to him but here, it was a whole different person.. always talking about the rich and the poor like he is upset the world is unfair to the lower class. Not to mention, that he just lost his artistic skills in telling his thoughts, maybe it was all the booze he had!
Another thing I hated about this one is the story.. In the first two games, there was a great plot that was deep and personal to the guy. I knew why he was fighting an army of bad guys on his own, and I wanted to continue the fight and kill them all. Here, I just lost him after a few chapters of the story and the last two chapters, I didn't even want to fight it anymore.. I didn't understand why he was fighting a war that NOT his own. It is like suddenly, he came back from a period of alcoholism to make the world a better place and end the injustice in a country far far away from home where he does not even speak the language. I really wished he would have just been dead before going into that fight at all.
Then comes the game-play.. Even that was such a terrible design compared to the last two games. In Max Payne II, I remember doing a bullet time was so cool and also very valuable. I could not just do it all the time but I did go into bullet time, it was well worth it where I could actually see the bullets flying. Here, I had the freedom to do bullet time as I pleased, and I am not sure what advantage it gave me at all. It is true they added a few new capabilities, but the bullet time was completely ruined.
I think this third part was just one big mistake.. As much as Loved Payne, I think he should have just stayed dead or whatever he was doing after the second part.

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The best

posted by rp98 (OXON HILL, MD) Sep 14, 2014

Member since Mar 2013

This is one of the best games from rockstar am telling you the gameplay Is too nasty and it will keep your mind occupied

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