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posted by S4mWitch (CLEVELAND, OH) Jun 2, 2012

Member since Jan 2011

This game has a very complex story that is presented in a manner that leaves a bit to the imagination. It is crafted like a film that reveals smaller pieces of the puzzle that will eventually make an image. It is a bit overwhelming at first, and can seem convoluted, but a second playthrough reveals the purpose of their method of unfolding the plot slowly. It feels like watching a good movie for the second time to get the full spectrum of the story. Obviously, I enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately, this Max Payne game has no reference to the supernatural/ pagan/ satanic theme that the first games used to add a very creepy layer to the plot.. This adventure seemed a little too close to Sam Fisher (splinter Cell) in my opinion. The game does offer a high level of disturbing scenes and dialogue of a hopeless,confused alcoholic drug addict on a senseless murderous rampage,though.. Which is nice. But it's done in a way that does seem to have some meaning, and has enough dimension to be interesting...... Great Single Player game...
The gameplay,or should I say Gunplay, is fantastic. The shootouts will have you coming back to the game. They are pretty realistic, and very intense especially on the harder difficulties. This is the bloodiest game since Fallout 3.. The slo mo kill cams are to die for(ha!), and there is just an overall level of realism and brutality at the game's focus that remains entertaining throughout the game. The shootouts also highly favor the creative edge, and will force you to duck, dodge, and fly around over obstacles in a ballet of shattered debris and bullets. It is totally awesome, with the exception of slightly sluggish movement controls at times.(Something they will probably patch, knowing Rockstar)
The multiplayer has an awesome leveling system with unlockables, and an interesting load-out system that allows you to customize your equipment based on weight. It adds an unexpected layer of depth to a solid shooting multiplayer game. GET IT!!!!!

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GF Rating

Above Average

Max Payne 3

posted by UHitMeInTheEar (LONGMONT, CO) May 31, 2012

Member since May 2012

Interesting way to make a game, 1 part movie, 1 part 3rd person shooter, I guess it works but I haven't encountered anything in Max Payne 3 that wasn't done better years ago in the original Max Payne. The visuals are of course amazing, sometimes almost looking real but other than that I don't see the need for this game. The multi-player surprisingly isn't too bad. But basically you run around looking for the big bright health bar hovering over the head of an opposing player and shoot at that. The whole clan thing or whatever they call it looks cool and you can carry it over to GTA5 not that I'm wasting anymore money on one of those games.
Score - 6/10

GTA4 - 5/10
GOW3 - 10/10
BF3 - 10/10
MW3 - 8/10

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GF Rating


Game of the Year

posted by tdevore (bethel, OH) May 31, 2012

Member since Oct 2002

I'm a huge fan of the series and am loving mp3 - incredible work. One of the top games of all time in my book. amazing game. great voice acting, great writing. the combat is fantastic and the bullet time is beyond cool. just a great time from start to finish. i never play sp games over again but as soon as i beat it, i'll be going again. i think a lot of players are just using bullet time in cover and popping out to take down enemies or playing mostly in real-time. don't do it. shot dodge all over the place. kill with style, in glorious slo-mo while flying through the environments - that's what this game is all about. very little to improve on and a 10 in my book - easy game of the year for me so far. enjoy.

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