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Mixed feelings

posted by KingSpec (BROOMFIELD, CO) Nov 28, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

It has been suggested here that if you don't like this game then you don't like RPGs and I must politely disagree. There are many RPGs that tell the story without over doing the cinema - Oblivion being one.

The graphics are some of the best out there and the cut scenes are glorious, but this game crosses over and seems more like a movie than a game and frankly I can rent an HD DVD if I feel like watching a movie on my television (even if it is less interactive). The cut scenes are too long and appear with too much frequency so the story runs like a "Choose Your Adventure" E-Book where you pick your response (which drives your path in the story), but then just leaves you watching.

There are other problems that maybe are just my own pet peeves, for instance I don't like games where the boundaries are so obvious that it makes it hard to embrace. True, all games have their boundaries, but here every time you walk to the edge of a cliff, you're left walking in place and thus you feel separated from your character rather than playing vicariously through him. Truth is, let me fall if I mess up.

I believe they're really close to a GREAT game here and if they listen closely to those that have the same issues I do - the sequel can be just that.

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Everything you could want, but still...

posted by TheBoz (FORT GEORGE G MEADE, MD) Nov 28, 2007

Member since Aug 2005

The Story? Incredible. The mix of pseudo-FPS and RPG awesome. Graphics? Amazing. But really, I was a little disappointed. Giving it a 9 because I beat it already (just over 16 hours of play and still did around half of the side quests, but not a lot of exploring), but have already gone back to play a second time. I cannot detail everything I didn't like due to character restraint, but here are a few things.

Exploration. Essentially all the exploration worlds (random planets within the galaxies) are the same with small variances. Fire, ice, desert. Some have lots and lots of mountains, some don't. Not to mention the fact that if you land on one of these planets, you open your map and are told exactly where to go to find stuff. So how is this exploration? Your not given that big of an area to explore at the most it should be a system where if you drive within 50m of something it then appears on your map.

Cities. One of the joys I get from RPGs are the environments and finding and exploring a new city. That has been replaced with half-hearted exploration planets, planets I can't go to, one large city, and one very very small one.

Space Battle. None. They didn't put it in. Not even a mini-game like in the KOTORs where you had to shoot a turret or something. But they do have the MAKO!

The MAKO. Great little vehicle which controls like a, um, really bad thing (Gamefly language restrict). No customization on it either, which I thought was odd and could have brought about some interesting game play. Those worm things that pop up from time to time on planets? Unless your looking to beat the ENTIRE game, just runaway, since its pretty random that you will be able to kill one. I like they didn't make those things a methodical system boss, but really, the cannon on the MAKO barely even hurts it. You make one wrong move during the battle with that thing and your dead.

Like I said, I love the game and am playing it again, I just think more could have been done.

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posted by ROOSTR (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Nov 28, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

Can't wait for part 2!!

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