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GF Rating

Very Good

Most fun I've ever spent talking to a program.

posted by pootietang (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Nov 30, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

Let me just say, this game blows Dr. Sbaitso out of the water. I'm not a fan of typical RPG's due to the fact that I can't stay awake through the hours and hours of dialog that you have drudge through to find something of interest. I'm about 5 hours through the game and there were a few times when I was starting to worry a bit but the storyline is very good and the history of the differant species is interesting. It is all delivered in a way that builds the frame of the story leaving out just enough info to use later creating suprising links that paint an even larger picture of what is going on in the galaxy.

The choppy gameplay is frustrating, not because it affects the gameplay so much, but because it is just disappointing. This is getting much better as I play however. Probably because I'm getting used to it, but I'm also learning how to avoid glitches as I play. The experience potential is great and you will want to make it work as the story pulls you in.

The weapons freaked me out at first. I had no idea what what going on with the menu and weapons. It actually seems easy now (equip the one with the most yellow bars) but at first I was lost and avoided the menu all together. Another option is to preview how you look with your weapon. This is great if you want to choose what looks best with your armor rather than one that will get you through the level. I also thought that if I left the menu with my helmet off I might sufficate.

Although I've reached Spectre status, my character has yet to understand how to look through the scope of the sniper rifle. I'm sure that this has something to do with the person I chose and the level that I have attained but seriously. He looks really foolish shooting from the hip with that rifle.

All glitchy goofy stuff aside, I'm really enjoying the ride and this coming from someone who did not make it though Fable.

I think that anyone can enjoy this game.

ps-bouncing to snipe over boulders in the buggy rocks

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GF Rating


Mass Effect leaves you Effected

posted by Elpablo (OCEANSIDE, CA) Nov 29, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

This game is amazing its story is out of this world and will draw you in. The constant Item drops make you derail and add to your squad its a great game over all. The first 2-3 Hrs of the game are dull i mean DULL! Later it get loads better and yet the game seems almost rushed with screwie textures and glitches. ( Like playing for 5hrs straight and falling through the wall and having to restart glitches) Yet overall its an amazing game and id really really recommend it Its combat kills the old starwars game and its well.. enough said its a really really good game rent it.


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GF Rating


A Sexy Girl with No Brains

posted by ptownhero (VANCOUVER, WA) Nov 29, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

Okay, this game has the most beautiful visuals I've ever seen in a game, and the voice acting is top-notch. That said, I didn't find it very fun to play.

My main gripes are in the map system and equipment system. As the player, you have to set your own checkpoints - the game doesn't really clue you in on exactly where to go until you're so close it's pointless. Plus, there's no way to tell if you've been to same area before, and there is no "fog of war" to tell you where you haven't been either. That got really annoying very fast. Imagine a hundred planets with weird names and having no idea which ones you've visited before. The worst part is, the player needs to know which planets they haven't visited in order to find artifacts. Finding artifacts and minerals isn't very satisfying - press A to survey the planet and bang, you've got you're artifact.

The equipment process is equally unsatisfying. You can't take the armor your enemy was wearing, because the enemies disappear into thin air when you kill them - very realistic. You can't even see what your armor looks like before you buy it, or what it looks like when it's not on you. The upgrade process is a joke because you can pick just one upgrade for your armor and two for your weapon. That would be enough if there we're not about 1000 different upgrades to choose from. Regardless of your characters skill level, the process of cracking a safe or salvaging an artifact opens up a tedious button mashing mini-game - lame. The story moves slowly, and I didn't find it very interesting. It's basically your classic "save the world" game. On the plus side, Mass Effect gives your character experience points for having long discussions and for discovering new things. Most RPGs don't do that, and I think it's a great idea. I recommend renting this title to see the amazing visuals, but not much more.

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