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Bioware finally made up for Dragon Age

posted by Skinny (THEODORE, AL) Feb 1, 2010

Member since Apr 2009

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It's not often when a developer puts out a mediocre game and turns around and does something 20 times better but Bioware has done it.

Mass Effect two is awesome. So I'll just list off some pros and cons and leave it at that.

-The stupid vehicle is finally gone. You no longer have to drive a car that controls like a grocery cart filled with bricks.

-No more elevator loading screens. There's still loading screen but they're actually cool to look at. It's like seeing the display consoles on Star Trek so it's a nice change.

-The cities and locations are far more easier to navigate. Example: In ME1 you had to navigate the Citadel and it took many gameplay hours to memorize where everything was not to mention all of the loading screens in between locations. Now cities are mostly just like stories on a building. Rather than elevators and loading screens you simply go up or down stairs and the stories are much smaller making it easier to remember where everything is.

-You can talk all shop keeper into giving you a discount.

-No more overheating weapons or having to manage the armor for teammates. Yes you do have clips now, but I find it hard to run out of ammo since enemies drop plenty with the exception of heavy weapons.

-Surveying is no longer a simple push of a button. It's actually a neat little mini game and not only that but the minerals you collect can be used to upgrade weapons, armor, and your ship. Where in the first game it did nothing.

-The cover system has been greatly improved.

-The run feature actually makes your character run rather than what it did in the first game. Which was simply zooming the camera towards your back and blurring the environment a wee bit.


-The weapons no longer have stats. So it's hard to find out which is better.

-The cover system doesn't have a "Blind Fire" function.

-The game ended.

-The game wasn't delivered to me by a beautiful stripper.

Don't rent this game, buy it

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One of the best RPG games ever played

posted by warheroM60 (EDINBORO, PA) Sep 25, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

This game immerses you into a world like our own with many different alien cultures. The game takes you all throughout the entire milky way galaxy outside of our own cluster.the aspects of the game our superb everything you do affects all the things around like the analogy of a butterfly dying effects the entire universe. Also allows you to import your character from ME1 (Mass Effect 1). Another good aspects is the ability to upgrade your equipment and ship outside of the skill tree skill point requirements. This games graphics are spectacular one of the most real looking games i have ever seen in my life and i started out playing NES(Nintendo Entertainment System) since i was 3years old. If this hasn't made it already sound good enough there is also several expansions to the game that are well worth purchasing they add to the story in more ways than you could imagine with each expansion you learn so much more than just the general goal you discover new characters and uncover dark secrets of peoples past.If you don't already own this game i suggest it as a must buy for all gamers of every kind because not only is it a RPG but it has a 3rd person combat system that i have yet to find a flaw with. For you people who don't get what that means it means you get to shoot people and they catch fire,freeze,get electrocuted and all sorts of other fun things. Like i already said this is a must buy if my review doesn't sway you then please rent the game and find out for yourself you will be immersed into a world with countless possibilities and limitless fun.

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Excellent, a few minors but awesome

posted by CraCkJaCk2 (MIAMI, FL) Jan 28, 2010

Member since Apr 2009

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i love the graphics. when i played the first one, i was expecting more out of the second one. i have to admit, the graphics on this are absolutely astonishing. there is one little thing that seems to not bother me too much. When you holster your weapons and run normally, when you run off a somewhat high ledge, your player looks like one of those robots with hover boots engaged. it doesnt annoy me as much, i tune it out, but i find it funny. overall, its still a great addicting game

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