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Boi, do I have sumthing to say about dis gayme.

posted by cokeisec (TALLAHASSEE, FL) Apr 19, 2011

Member since Oct 2009

I wanted to try this game cause it looked fresh, and cool, and I was having fun one night playing Dodgeball, until I got to the last round of the Star Cup. I was up against the Ninja, White Mage, and the Black Mage. Everytime the ball deflected off them, they would pull it right back towards them, or they`ll use some sort of forcefield to bring the ball towards them. But then I finally beat all the sports then I fight Behemoth from FF. Pretty easy. But when I unlocked the "Sports Mix" which is a game that has all four sports in one but its in Expert mode. I hope this wasn`t Nintendo`s great comeback to SEGA`s Sonic Colors. Only thing I really enjoy was hitting people in the face and playing Moogle cause he`s cute. Go ahead, and rent it. But I`m steering away from any Mario sport games for now.

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you will be saying "Yawn" when you get this game

posted by TheGamer298 (AZUSA, CA) Apr 2, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

Anyone looking to Mario Sports Mix to satisfy their sports gaming experience should look elsewhere. this game has "sports" that feel too simplistic to have fun. While the graphics are pretty nice looking, this game does not deliver on gameplay. Heres a quick run through of Hockey, Basketball, Dodgeball, and Volleyball

I thought dodgeball was kinda fun when I first played but after a while it got Droll and repetitive. plus its made too easy because if you get out you can throw the ball at someone to get back in.
volleyball went on for too long and did not feel fun either. it felt too easy just to walk to a spot and shake the wii remote and get an easy point. in fact I always won 15-0 whenever I played (unless i felt bad for the AI and let them score).
Bo-ring is the only word i say about hockey. it was so simple and droll i didn't even get past the first game.
the worst of the four sports which was way too easy. In fact in my first game the only reason the AI scored was because they used a special move.

Overall I give this game a 4.1 rating so all i have to say is just buy the particular sports game you want and not this game. as it is a waste of time and money

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Not entertaining at all

posted by stxkiller (ORANGE PARK, FL) Mar 18, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

Ok when first had the Nintendo 64, one of my favorite games was Mario Tennis and then with the game cube i abosolutely loved super strikers, but im sorry to say this game was not fun at all. It played really smoothly, the graphics were ok, and it was very easy to learn the controls. The bad thing about this game is for starters all the controls for every game were exactly the same which made it feel really repetitive, also the stats for each character in every game where the same (power technique and speed) which again made it feel to simple and easy and last of all to me it wasnt any fun at all, it felt like nintendo spent like a day making because it just seemed like it was wii sports or something. I felt no excitment what so ever playing this game.

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