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Above Average


posted by mikeg10215 (HOUSTON, TX) Jul 20, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

Im going to give this game a 6 out of 10 because i have had every single Mario Party and this one was not great like the reast
1- Not everyone should move
2- The high chance of losing half your stars
Over all it is a good game and all

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GF Rating


Umm Not quite the same

posted by DarkStriffe (COMMERCE, TX) Jul 20, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

The game itself has little problems except the ridiculous care thing? I have played the other games and highly enjoy them but the whole one car moved everybody wasn't very good... Maybe thats just me and my family but we like to compete but you cant really do that when you move as one. And you can almost always tell who the winner is going to be.

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The whole game itself

posted by Darkslinger_13 (BROOKLYN, NY) Jul 19, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

As of the day this game came out me and my cousins were extremely looking foward to playing this game, considering that mario party 8 was really good and the fact they had almost 5-6 years to make this game to the fullest. As of me and my cousins being a huge mario party fan this game did not live up to the fullest as we though it was. First the games graphics are really good i did not find a problem with it. The games party mode was the real problem. The creators of this game entirely left out the whole concept of collecting coins and using the coins to buy the stars to win the game and items to use against your opponents. They have also left out the red and blue spaces which stand for to either gain coins or loosing them instead of that they freakin replaced with just blank spaces! Thats right just complete blank that barely do nothing except just require your safety. As of what i said mario party 9 is not fun without coins to buy items and stars to enhance your chances of winning. And to, instead of walking at your own pace and choosing where you want to go you have to ride in a FREAKIN LITTLE CARE MOBILE WITH THE OTHER PLAYERS! That is entirely stupid it makes no sense. You have the captain A.K.A whose ever turn it is to choose what path or direction THEY want to go but no you have to follow whoever the driver is and where they want to go. You could be next to a star and the next player could just go the other way and make you loose your chances of getting the stars. So basically with the freakin car mobile if you make one wrong move you can mistakenly enhance the whose ever goes next of winning the game. The car should be completely removed. Three in order to win the game you must reach the end of the game with the most mini stars. Which is stupid cuz they put the mini stars on like every 5 sapces ahead of you just giving your opponent more of a chance to win. As of the mini games they are fine but i just wish they put a little more effort into it.

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