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GF Rating


Great game

posted by Ju57iC3 (URBANDALE, IA) Aug 24, 2014

Member since Nov 2006

After playing the last Mario and Luigi game, I had high hopes for this game. Thank god those hopes were fufilled.

The game is great, yeah, 10/10. Any old mook can tell you that, let me tell you WHY it's so great.

For one, the graphics are amazing, easily 10x better than Bowser's Inside Story. Mario and Luigi themselves look amazing, the characters look amazing, the bosses look amazing, and the final boss, looks absolutely breathtaking, and powerful.

The game also plays exceptionally well. Battles are fun and keep on you on the edge of your seat. The boss fights are where the game shines, though. Each one is cleverly designed and fun to fight against. Also, after you beat them, you can fight a much tougher version. Another mechanic is the Giant Luigi battles. Which, like the giant bowser battles, let you beat the snot out of giant enemies like some giant green Godzilla. ------SPOILERS------ the last giant boss battle against Bowser was most likely the best, and I had to stop for a minute and gaze at how amazing it looked. No joke, this game has the best art style I've ever seen. ----LEAVING SPOILER TERRITORY------- The bros moves are fun too, and hard to master, especially the Luiginary ones. I never would have come up with anything like that.

To finish it up, the game runs a smooth 50+ fps at all times. Good to know, as the game would be impossible if it was any bit choppy.

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GF Rating


Not for adults, a lot of hand holding/tutorials

posted by Eradik8 (SALEM, OR) Apr 30, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

This is clearly a game for kids, and as an adult I couldn't finish it. Way too much hand holding and tutorials. The story was just okay, but I couldn't get very deep due to the constant tutorials and text boxes popping up during every single "screen" change. I put 5 hours into it, and probably played about 2 of that. The rest was mashing A to get on with it.

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GF Rating


<3 Mario/Luigi

posted by Californinja (SAN JOSE, CA) Apr 17, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

Mario/Luigi are Beast

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