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Not Even Worth a Rental

posted by BCouey (MONTGOMERY, TX) Oct 10, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

12 out of 16 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Like many people I have been a Madden fan for years, I've purchased most of the titles, thankfully this year I decided to rent Madden 12 from Gamefly. This year's title is a huge let-down, not for the new additions to the game such as the cut days and free agent bidding, but for the parts of the game that need attention. The commentary may be a small part of a huge game, but honestly play a few games with the same team and you'll quickly find that the opening statements by Chris Collinsworth are the same each and every game, by the end of the season you'll probably even have it memorized. Since when is EVERY team a great match-up, and every home stadium one of the most difficult places for away teams to win? Yes even the Chiefs versus the Packers, a great match-up. Issues far more pertinent than the commentary though, the franchise mode menus, why can't they make a user-friendly menu? Every time you close a menu it returns you to your game of the week, which is aggravating when all you want to do is make some trades, look up several stats, or manage your team. The system for Coaches' Challenges needs assistance, regardless of what fact is being challenged(options would be a nice upgrade too) the camera angles showing the replay often don't show you anything, or cut off the part of the play being challenged. As with most Madden games the best part truly is the game-play, which is the only portion of this game worth a decent rating. This game is not worth the rental if you own previous versions of Madden, and even if you don't you may just be better off picking something else.

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Is This Madden 12?

posted by Maturesun (RALEIGH, NC) Sep 30, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

I am so happy that Gamefly exist or else I would be upset at having spent $60 on this. I gave it a couple tries but it is the same game as 11. There are some minor tweeks to it but overall not worth spending the money on it. I like the tackling and the enhanced defense but it is basically a rehashed 11. Rent it don't buy, I have sent mine back since I own 11 and will be playing that until next year.

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Best Madden in a while!

posted by RAZORBURN (BIDDEFORD, ME) Sep 3, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

I own Madden 08, 09, 10, and 11, and bought Madden 12 on release day. Madden 11 was terrible, I played it a few times and once I realized how awful the defensive aspect of the game was and how it was easy to get screwed over that I decided to stop playing it. The Best Buy I work at held an employee tournament and I participated and I had so much fun with it that I bought it the day of its release! They have improved on many things such as the blocking and the over all game play is much more realistic. The new tackling system is much more realistic and makes more sense. I always thought of Madden as a game that EA slightly improves each year and suckers people into buying it but this year they have drastically improved it and made it playable for hours!
Theres not many problems with this game but one thing that annoys me are the announcers. They tend to call out the players numbers more than their name unless its Tom Brady or another big time player like him. Also the announcers can be very delayed sometimes like they will be like "Number 12 throws the ball!..." and while you're picking the next play or are lining up for it after picking they will finish the line, it bugs me but the gameplay is awesome!

My favorite parts of this game has to be the new tackling system, and how well your offense will pick up blocks. It makes running the ball alot easier because you can now run behind a play and feel safe knowing he will pick up the would-be tackler. This is a must-buy Madden!

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