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EA sports exclusive Nfl license

posted by unclejed (ERIE, CO) Oct 1, 2011

Member since Oct 2005

AT 60 bucks a copy gamers deserve more and better products. I think its time to end EA Sports monopoly on The NFL license agreement and let some competition into the mix. Maybe then somebody might do the NFL justice by making a football game that is actually great! I for one will not spend my hard earned money on another sub par Ea sports football game just because it has the name and false hype of MADDEN!(if I was John Madden I would not even allow EA to use my name but we all know what money does ) Until other game companies are allowed to compete and make NFL licensed games I guess all we can expect is mediocrity.

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I Expected so much more

posted by xr4ticlone (FORT COLLINS, CO) Sep 26, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

Overall, the game is decent. Definitly not the best football game that I have ever played by far however. The Graffics and Gameplay are much improved from last year's game but we still get the same lame comentary as the other games. They continue to use the same phrases over and over and how in the world do they not know how to say Tim Tebow's name? The franchise mode is very boring as there is no season groth and decline in players as well a very poorlly done offseason mode. Their new free agency mode where you make bids on players is crazy. I don't think you only get 2 min to sign a player. Souting is also lacking as I still have yet to figure out why they have question marks in front of all of the stats on rookies. A 40 time is a 40 time, it does not fluxuate as much as they make it seem.

All that aside, the aspect I was most disapointed in is their become a superstar mode. There really is not much to it and you cannot change a camera mode. You use the same one as you would to play a regular game. That means you can't even see the wide out unless he runs into the screen.

Overall I expected much more and it seems to me that Madden has continued its decline over the years as NCAA has continued to get better.

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Just Another Year

posted by TheGangsta (MILWAUKEE, WI) Sep 25, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

This years annual release of EA Sports' Madden franchise boasts new features, new mechanics,new game modes but still seems to fall short of being better than last year.

Madden 2012 seems to stick to what got them to the game,the graphics are basically the same with a few tweaks here and there.
The controls are still the same and so is the gameplay, minus the awful rewind feature.
Online is still the same and with a couple of new additions for die hard madden fans. I guess Franchise mode has had more attention than anything given there are quite a few changes here most will enjoy.

Overall Madden 2012 is what it is a good sports game, the question is it better than last year's? Remains the debate and only the fans can answer.

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